1 penny, doubled, 30 times = ?

23 04 2009

Sometimes we get so caught up in the hype, and the grind, of daily living, that we lose sight of some of the simpler things in life; the things that can actually make a difference.

Most of us struggle with trying to figure out how to juggle all the things that envelope our lives. Things like, trying to keep a roof over our heads, feeding our families, our children’s education; not to mention transportation, communication and all the extra things we just can’t seem to do without.

It can be enough to frazzle the average brain, just trying to make sense of it all, even when everything is going normal; for most of us, we simply continue on, as normal, oblivious to the possibility that anything could ever happen to us but, what about when the unexpected happens, like someone getting ill, or in an accident or, suddenly, a major shift happens in the job market and your income level is no longer sufficient for your needs.

Many people, today, are in a near panic mode, after the current economic shift has put so many in a very uncomfortable situation.  This sort of problem can affect the rich, just as much as the person living on the street. Statistics have proven that the average person lives 29% beyond their means; no matter if you make a million dollars a day, or you sleep on a park bench, picking food from garbage bins; it’s true, we all want more than we have.

Someone asks the question, “What’s wrong with that, if you can afford it”. Well, there’s the rub, right? The truth is, if the bottom suddenly falls out, and you find that there’s no support for the lifestyle you’ve been living, “what will you do”. It’s never easy to restructure a life, no matter what level you’re at.

For those people who are concerned about these things, or who simply want to find a way to climb a little further out of the hole they’re in; or perhaps, even make enough money that they could live like some of the other people mentioned earlier,We want you to pay attention and follow a few simple suggestions.

we would like you to do something different from the usual…

In our previous Post, we mentioned that there is an old saying, that goes like this, “If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always gotten”.

Take a moment and find a penny and look at it. (DISCLAIMER:- If pennies are not available, feel free to use any type of currency, whatever is the smallest or least in value and substitute it for the penny. If your currency differs from what we are using, you will need to do the adjustments for yourself but the principles still remain).

Did you find a penny?… we’re serious; you need to, actually, physically, go and get a penny; and, if you can’t find one, draw a picture of one… don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be perfect.

OK. You got your penny… GREAT… now, look at that penny… it doesn’t seem like much all by itself, does it?… but, if you were to go and find 99 more pennies, to go with your penny, you would have a whole dollar – mind blowing, right? Yeah, we know, this sounds childish; sorry about that, just trying to lighten the mood a bit.

But, realistically, even though a single penny, seems to have very little value, when combined with a whole lot of other, seemingly, worthless pennies; its value increases, in direct proportion to the, collective, sum of all the pennies combined. In fact, even a million dollars is just made up of a whole lot of pennies (100 million, to be exact – WOW!).

This Blog has a dual purpose; therefore, we would like, for you, to consider the title of this Blog (not this Post, but the entire Blog). It says,”What is the value of a penny… or a person?”

There are many people, in the world, that are considered to be of little value… even worthless… by society standards. Due to circumstances, either beyond their control or of their own poor judgement, they find themselves living on the street, or in a dwelling, but unable to meet their financial obligation and, have ended up on welfare (being financially supported by society).

We mentioned, in the beginning, that it’s the simple things in life, that we tend to overlook, that can make the biggest difference. Just as the value of a penny increases, when combined with several other pennies; likewise, a person, who is deemed to be of little worth, can increase their value, exponentially, by networking with other people.

Now, we want you to consider, very carefully, the power of the penny (later, we will discuss the power of a person, in terms of networking).… you still have your penny… right? (NOTE:- anyone who just drew a picture of a penny, should make an effort to get an actual penny – it will matter later).

Good. Now we have some homework for you…OMG, did someone say homework… relax, this isn’t rocket science, but it will require a little work on your part, not to mention using your ingenuity…OOH, big word (sorry).

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that this should also be fun; so here is your assignment, and remember to have fun with this; you can even get other people to help you (networking). Tomorrow we want you to go and find another penny; can ya do that? Well, actually, we want you to find, not 1, but 2 pennies. Got it?

OK, just so we are perfectly clear about this; today, you went and found a penny, which you need to put away in a safe place, NO, not in your pocket OR your purse, someplace where you won’t touch it for the next 30 days; and, tomorrow you are going to go and find 2 pennies, and put them, together, with the one you found today.

I’ll bet you’re thinking, “Man, we’re really raking in the dough now, huh”. Just bear with us; as we said earlier, it’s the simple things, that we overlook, that can make the difference; remember, that we are building a foundation.

So enjoy the homework and we’ll catch ya on the flip side.





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