A good foundation

26 04 2009

Welcome to day 3!

We mentioned, on an earlier Post, that I used to be a truck driver. I remember, one day in particular, when I was dispatched to go pick up a container load of lumber at a train station. We thought this would be a good time for me to share that experience with you.

We won’t bother going into all the details involved; because, frankly, that would be very boring. Our goal here is, to emphasize the importance of, laying a foundation, when planning any type of venture (such as the one you have begun, here).

This story begins, with me, sitting in my truck, at the train station, waiting… (The story of my life, as a truck driver).

If you have ever taken the time to notice a train go by, as you drive down the road, you may have noticed that, along with the box cars, you will see tankers, and flat cars. The flat cars sometimes carry trailers (the type that trucks pull behind them) and many of them carry containers, which look kinda like the trailers but without the wheels.

When the train arrives at the station, a lot of preparation must be made before these containers can be unloaded, such as checking the numbers on the container, against a manifest, to make sure they got the right one; as well as making sure there is a truck available, to take the container to the customer. That’s where I come in.

Now, let’s go back, to the beginning, and fill in a few blanks (briefly). When a customer orders a product, the shipper hires a truck, to bring an empty container from the storage yard; the shipper loads the container and sends the paperwork to the customer, the trucking company, and the train station. The driver takes the container to the station and, after matching the paperwork, a machine picks up the container and loads it on the train.

Before the container arrives, at the destination, the customer is informed of the intended time of arrival and the customer makes arrangements, for a truck to be there, to pick it up.

Now, we realize that, for many of you, this is very dry and rather boring, and we apologize for that, but it is necessary, to see that things don’t just happen; and, it is very important to have certain things in place, before you see results; not only that, but that, we are not in this by ourselves, it takes teamwork to get things done.

Remember, I said earlier, that we are not alone; we must rely on our team to help. I know, some of you are in a situation where, you probably don’t know anyone and you’re all alone in your little world, and that can be tough; but, if you want to break out of the hole you are in, you need to change what you are currently doing, because it ain’t workin’ for ya. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

So here’s what we want you to do, go out and make a friend; yeah, we know, it’s tuff; besides, what do you have to offer a would be friend?… how about … friendship. Just start talking to people and being friendly, without expecting anything in return. Now, there are some situations where you may want to use some caution; because, there are people, who will take advantage of you or try to harm you.

Try this; if possible, go out, during the day, to find your friend and try to make small talk to see if you get a friendly response. When you do, just let the conversation go where it goes and, if the person says, “have a nice day” and leaves, you’ve been successful; you got a response. You see, a friend doesn’t have to be your best buddy, right away but, the next time you see this person, they will recognize you with a smile and a nod; perhaps, even more conversation. You do that with enough people and, eventually, you may find yourself being friendlier and more comfortable around strangers; and, before you know it, you may turn around and discover that a friend is saying hello to you.

You think that will take a long time? Well, remember, we told you to give this one year; a lot can happen in a year, just wait until you see the changes that will take place by the end of this 30 day challenge.

We stated, at the top of this Post, that our goal here is, to emphasize the importance of, laying a foundation, when planning any type of venture. As good foundations go, you always start at the beginning, which usually starts with an idea, followed by a plan, prior to taking any action.

Your most recent assignment was to go find 4 pennies and put them in the safe place, with the rest of your collection. We’re going to assume you managed; if not, we would, strongly, advise that you do it, soon, before we build so far, that you find it impossible to catch up.

So, at this point, you should have a total of 7 pennies. This may not seem like much, right now; but, remember, we said earlier, not to despise small beginnings. From this point on, you may start to notice a pattern forming, because the next assignment will be to collect… 8 pennies.

We started out with 1 then 2 then 4 and now 8; not 6, as you might have imagined. Most people assume that 2 by 2 refers to addition; but, in our case, it refers to multiplication, and, I don’t know about you but, I’d much rather be multiplying my finances that just adding them.

That is exactly why we insist, that you stick to the plan; slowly and steadily, but most of all, following a guide, that can help you make sense of it all.

Well, that should be enough, for now. We agreed that 1,000 words was enough for one Post and this one has gone over; so don’t forget to find 8 pennies for next time…

2 B continued…. on the flip side.





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