17 05 2009

DAY 5;

Did ya miss us?  We went on a bit of a fishing trip; no, we weren’t actually catching fish, although we plan on doing some of that soon. We are fishing for ideas and plans that work, for getting people, on the internet, interested in looking at our Blog; and, hopefully, checking out the link to our Website.

We know there are a few of you that have read our Blog; and, we really appreciate your interest. We would greatly appreciate a few more responses and comments; because, that feedback is the only way we have of knowing that this is of interest to anyone.

In case you are wondering about our fishing excursion, we have landed a few ideas, and we are testing them out. We said, in the very first Post, you need to try everything you can, test it, and see what works for you. We are attempting to find solutions, that we can offer to you, that work, and don’t cost anything. We have stumbled upon a couple of sites, that are looking very promising; they are FREE, to start, and you never need to upgrade (but upgrades are available). Once you sign up, you can remain a FREE member for life. Free memberships are somewhat limiting but, in these particular sites, there is more than enough stuff, to actually get the ball rolling, on the internet, without spending any money.

It is our desire to share this information with you (at no charge), so that you can get started. REMEMBER, in the previous Post, we mentioned that no one can do this alone; we ALL need help, from time to time, because we don’t know everything; and, a lot of information is hidden. It is our job to uncover the hidden truth out there and share it with you. So, let’s get going.

On our previous Post, your assignment was to come up with 16 pennies, so you should, now, be in possession of a total of 31 pennies; and, for next time, you will need to find 32 pennies… do you see the pattern starting to form here?

It should be plain to see that, when you count what you have, the next amount will be a penny more than the total, in your collection; so, even though you are doubling each time, you are only increasing by a factor of 1 (do you see that?).

If that sounds confusing, let us put it another way. As you go about your daily routine; and, looking for opportunities to help someone along the way (someone who may, or may not, necessarily, be a stranger, by the way), you increase your influence on your environment, and the people in it, by a factor of 1; but the potential for return can be exponential.  In other words, what you stand to get, in return, can double, triple, quadruple and more; because, you never know what sphere of influence the person, that you help, may have.

It’s human nature to want to help someone who helps you; but, most of us are so busy trying to solve our own problems, that we fail to see the potential that’s right in front of us; and, even if we do, we look at it and say something like, “if there is a return from this, it will be small, and take a long time to produce; meanwhile, I still need to survive”, so we give up trying.

Well, it is certain that, this attitude, is what has kept many people from reaching their potential. We are on day 5 and you have doubled your bank account 4 times; therefore, you, now,  can boast a whopping 800% increase; and, if you have managed to help another individual, in this time, you are well on your way to prosperity beyond your wildest dreams, BELIEVE IT!

For those of you who are still a bit uncomfortable approaching a stranger, try talking to someone you meet on a regular basis, like the checkout person at the grocery store, or a bus driver, or any other person, male or female, young or old, it could even be a child; give them a smile, tell them your first name, and say something positive and encouraging to them; something to make their day, because everyone needs to be appreciated. We ALL have stress in our lives and, if someone can cheer us up, even if it’s just for a moment, it can sometimes make the difference between having a bad day and having a better day.

I heard a story, recently, about a teenage boy who had been, constantly, bullied; it was so bad that he decided to end his life. He emptied his school locker, so his mom wouldn’t have to deal with it later; and, while carrying the stuff home, those bullies knocked him down, scattering his stuff everywhere and, then, walked away; laughing. Another young man saw it, and helped him pick the stuff up, and helped the boy carry it home. The young man spent some time with the boy and convinced him to not give up so soon. He told the boy that he wanted to be his friend; and, that he would be there to help, when things got tuff. After a while, they became best friends. At Graduation, the teenage boy honored his new friend, by telling the school how this stranger had saved his life that day by being a friend.

Sometimes, all we need, is a little encouragement, and our whole world changes. All we need is a little idea, and some help, to get us out of a financial problem. Yes, it may cost a bit but, not as much as you may think and, the rewards are well worth it. They certainly out weigh the cost of sitting back doing nothing.

So go and get your 32 pennies, and talk to someone; encourage them, help them if you can, and then, come back here, and tell us about it; we really want to hear your story, even if you weren’t successful; who knows, perhaps we can help.

Catch ya on the flip side.





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18 05 2009

I really enjoy reading this blog, I’m learning quite a bit.
Keep up the good work.

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