Helping your neighbour

1 06 2009


We would like to make something perfectly clear. We would not ask anyone to do something that we are not doing, which is why we can say, with confidence, that it works.

Helping people is what we are about. We are always communicating with God through prayer and reading His Word and allowing ourselves to be led by His Holy Spirit and, as He guides us, we find ourselves directed to individuals that have the potential to do better than they’re doing but just can’t seem to get past a certain point without a little help. We feel a certain affinity to them because we have been there on several occasions ourselves. It just seems that, as you get to the point where you think it’s possible to climb out of the rut you’re in, something comes along to kick the support out from under your feet or they raise the bar just out of reach or you find yourself needing to make a decision between 2 or more things that are important because you can only afford to do one; and we are not talking about deciding between a pair of designer shoes and that cute sweater you wanted, we are talking about do I buy groceries or pay the rent or buy the prescription I need. We are talking about very serious, down to earth stuff here.

This is not a game to us. What we are presenting here is the kind of stuff we refer to as; “Where the rubber meets the road” kinda stuff and we do go out of our way to help people that we feel God is directing us to. The kind of people who want to have a better life and have the potential to achieve it but just need a little help getting out of the rut. We’ve all been there, and if you haven’t, you probably would not be reading this.

Earlier this month, we had an opportunity to help a couple who had been evicted from their basement suite apartment due to a problem with their Landlord, who was also a tenant in the building. They were not properly prepared for this and ended up living on the street with their belongings in storage. Now, the weather here in the Vancouver area in Spring is still quite chilly, in fact, the temperature was still dipping below freezing at night, on occasion. So they found refuge in a community shelter but the situation there was deplorable. They had the means to rent a place but were unable to find anything due to their current situation and the growing demand for good references.

When we heard about this, we did some checking around and were able to secure an older motor home, in the RV Park we are currently living in, which was within their budget. We have been spending a large part of this month trying to help them get settled in their new home. It was a rough ride for a while, because the motor home was a derelict that had been abandoned and was sitting in the storage yard. Their was a lot of cleaning needed before anyone could stay in it. Also, it sat on an angle so we needed to level it and then try to get power hook up to it. Fortunately, it was parked close enough to a power source; also, there was enough propane in the tank that they are able to cook in the unit now and with the power hook up they, also, have lights. One thing remains and that is to get the unit situated on a serviced site so they have running water and are able to use their own facilities; at the moment, they must use the campground facilities, which are fine but it’s nice to have your own for those emergency moments.

The camp ground is very busy at this time of year. There are people here who live here year round, which is what this couple will need, because this unit will never be road worthy, but spots are limited and with all the tourist traffic, coming and going, it has been hectic finding an open site. We spoke to the camp manager and he said there was a spot coming open and as soon as a certain unit left, we could put it there. Well, this weekend that unit moved out and the site has been cleaned up; now, we are just waiting for the word, to get them onto a serviced site so they can start getting their lives back in order.

It really doesn’t have to take a lot, to help someone change their life; all we did was provide them with the necessary info and help them out with the odd thing here and there, including giving them a meal occassionally (not necessary but it was something that we chose to do). We will, of course, continue to be there for them when they need us, but, as for now, they are back on their own again and, now that we have helped them, they are offering to do things for us and we are teaching them this principle of paying it forward, including saving their pennies.

Speaking of pennies, by now you should have another 32 pennies to add to your collection so you should have a total of 63 pennies and for next time, you will need 64 pennies which will finally put us over a dollar. I hope that gets you excited because, from this point on, we will be no longer talking about pennies, but dollars.

So enjoy what’s left of Spring, Summer is just around the corner and even though the nicer weather makes things better for everyone, there are still hurting people out there that could use some help.

So enjoy, round up your 64 pennies and we will catch ya on the flip side!




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