Sowing & Reaping

10 07 2009

We interrupt our regularly scheduled teaching for a very Special (3 part) message from the Holy Spirit of God.

Whether you believe in God or not, the Laws He put in motion, when He created Time and the Universe, have never failed to operate and will never fail as long as Time and Space continue to exist.

For example, as long as you are within the atmosphere of the Earth, you can choose to jump from any height you want but the ground will still not move out of your way, gravity will pull you into the center of the earth until another Force stops you (The ground is a Force known as resistance). Another example is that the Sun comes up every day, without fail; even if you don’t see it, it is still there. The truth of the matter is that God put the Universe in motion and set exacting limits on where everything can go and when it must be there.

Every 24 hours the Earth rotates once on it’s axis, every 365 days it revolves around the Sun, it remains tilted at a perfect 23 degrees to allow for changing seasons, even the tides that wash up on the shore go so far and no more, by design.

From the very beginning, God said that there would be seasons and there would be harvest. There would be sowing and there would be reaping. These are Laws that He put in place, just like gravity and many other Laws that cannot and will not fail, NO MATTER WHAT.

The Bible tells us that, we have not because we ask not or, if we ask, our motives are wrong. God put a Law in motion that we call, “ASK, SEEK, KNOCK” (A.S.K. for short). The Bible tells us that when we ASK, it shall be given unto us, and when we SEEK, we shall find, and when we KNOCK, the door will be opened unto us.

The problem with many of us is, that we develop, a thing called PRIDE. Now, we are not talking about the kind of pride you have when you, or someone you love, accomplish something noteworthy that makes people feel good (unless, of course, you are bragging on yourself – see chapter 10), we are talking about the kind of pride that stubbornly says, you refuse to accept help from anyone because you can take care of yourself, when you know you can’t. This is called FOOLISH, STUBBORN PRIDE and is very damaging. No one is an Island unto themselves, there is not one person, who ever lived, that didn’t need help at one time or another; in fact, you couldn’t even take your first breathe without help, or learn to walk or communicate. Everything you have ever done, if you check back through time, you learned how to do because someone else did it first or helped you do it.

The point is that, in order to move ahead in this life, you will need help; and the first person to ask, for help, is GOD. That’s right, He is a person, not like you and me; He is a Spirit, but He is ALWAYS ready and willing to help. So, you may wonder why He hasn’t been helping all along. The truth is that He has. If you were to understand Spiritual Law, you would discover that you couldn’t even exist without His help; and, all the Laws He put in place make it possible for life to continue; but, in order for you to get personal help from God, you need to know Him on a personal level and, that requires a commitment that we will be discussing in a future post (don’t miss it – very important).

In the meanwhile, the Law of ASKING, SEEKING AND KNOCKING (A.S.K. for short) will work for anyone who applies the principles laid out, which we will describe briefly for you here.

ASK and it shall be given unto you; for everyone who asks, receives. Lay down your stubborn pride and you may discover that there are more people willing to help than you think; but REMEMBER, your motives must be right. Depending on who you ask, and what you are asking for, it is important that you think beyond your own selfish desires or desperate needs. Try finding a way to help someone and be genuine about it. We cannot stress strongly enough how important it is to consider the needs of others in your attempt to find a solution to your needs.

On day 4 of this Blog, we told you about a couple who were having troubles and we felt led to help them out. After they got settled, we began teaching them the principles that we are teaching here; in fact, we have made hard copies of this teaching for them to read, because they have no access to a computer, nor the skills required to use one, so they read this Blog on paper, which we think is awesome.

You see, on day 7, we told you about the unjust manager and how Jesus told His Disciples to use every adversity to stimulate themselves to creative survival. This couple was so eager to learn, that they asked us for a written copy of our Blog, so they can learn. One of the things they do in order to acquire their pennies is to collect pop cans and beer cans that have been discarded and, in one incident, they noticed a huge collection of cans in a persons back yard; so, they approached the man to see if they could have some of those cans and he told them to take all of them because he never has the time to return them but didn’t want to throw them in the trash.

You never know, until you ASK, what people will say. Yes, they might say no, they may even be rude; the point is to not take it personal and understand that with every rejection, you are one step closer to a yes.

We realize that this may be new to some of you, and possibly a little hard to swallow for some, but we assure you, it will work, IT CANNOT FAIL, God said so; as long as you follow the guidelines.

We will be continuing this lesson the next time and, after we are done with the A.S.K. method, we will return to our usual teaching; meanwhile, keep those pennies…DOLLARS coming in and let’s see how many we have by then.

Catch ya on the flip side.




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