Onward & Upward

1 08 2009

Day 11

We’re back… finally. We know we haven’t let you in on what happened since our last Post, so we will try to recap, briefly. We received an emergency extraction request, from Saskatoon, so we dropped everything, packed the car, and headed off for a road trip…YEAAHHH.

Our Daughter, and her 2 teenage sons, were in a rather volatile situation and, asked if they could come and stay here and, of course, we said yes. She, then, requested that we come out there and help them to make the trip because they were unsure of how to get here. We didn’t hesitate for a moment, after all, it’s family and they need our help. As it turned out, our other son, who also lived in Saskatoon, decided to join us; so now, our whole family is here.

Now, here’s a really cool thing; before we left, my wife’s uncle was looking for workers, for his landscaping business, but had to undergo an emergency operation and is unable to fulfil his contracts; so, we called from Saskatoon and told him we are bringing workers home with us; so, now, they have immediate employment and he doesn’t have to cancel his contracts.

We firmly believe that ALL of this was in answer to prayer, because we specifically prayed for each of these situations, not realizing that they would dovetail together. Not only that but, the couple we mentioned before, that we were helping out by getting them into a motor home, are moving on with their lives in a different direction, and the motor home (which is actually still under our name), will be empty soon; meanwhile, our family is tenting in the Park. Once the unit is vacated, one of them may take over that unit; also, there may, possibly, be other units for sale in the Park, for cheap, and if one of those is on a serviced lot, depending on how much room it has, they can decide between themselves who moves in where.

We never know how things will turn out, sometimes they look bleak, but we have found that, when we pray, and trust God, it all works out, especially when our motives are centered around helping others, whether they be family, friends or complete strangers.

We would like to thank those of you who have visited our Blog and left messages, and we promise to keep posting. When we started this blog, we asked how much money you would have after 30 days, if you were given a penny on the first day, and it was doubled every day; so we will be posting for at least 30 times, plus the little extras that get thrown in, like the 3 part session about Asking, Seeking & Knocking (A.S.K.) which we just finished.

As promised, we will now return to our regular teaching which, if you recall, required a total of …….. $10.24 to be added to the collection, bringing our current total to….. $20.47. Now, for all intents and purposes, this is, respectively, Day 11, so in 11 days, we have advanced from a single penny to over 2,000 pennies (20 dollars), NOT BAD.

Now, here’s the rub, have you managed to do the same thing socially, in other words, have you made a new friend yet; if so, please let us know how that’s going; if not, we encourage you to go back over the previous posts, from the beginning, and see if something sparks a chord to motivate you to try; if not, feel free to leave us a comment with your email info and maybe we can help.

Well, I guess this will be a shorter Post than most so, remember, that our goal for next time is…. $20.48 for a total of…. $40.95…. WOW! I think we may even hit triple digits within 2 weeks, at this rate; so I think it’s definitely time to get excited!

Catch ya on the flip side.




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