13 09 2009

Day 18

“What is the value of a penny… or a person?”
We live in an instant society today. Fast food on every corner, credit cards galore to help us buy things we don’t have money for and attitudes that demand we get what we want NOW!
Well, Life, True Life, isn’t like that.
Whether or not we are willing to admit it, life has a much slower pace than many people try to live and, eventually, it does catch up to us. God was the one who set everything in motion and set the pace at which all things function; and, if we try to push things too fast, complications will result.
The Bible tells us that God is not mocked, whatsoever is sown or planted, that is what will be, likewise, harvested.
Could you imagine a farmer, planting corn seed, and ending up with pumpkins instead, or chickens laying eggs and, when they hatch, lizards come out of the shells. These things would not be normal. Then why do people believe that, when they do things that don’t line up with the Truth of God’s Word, they should expect to reap the benefits reserved for those who do what God said.
The most ridiculous thing I could ever imagine, would be a farmer, taking the time to plant a bunch of seed in the ground, going out the next day, preparing to harvest his crop, and after finding that nothing had come up yet, he decides that this doesn’t work; so,he digs up all the seed and tosses it away, causing the seed to rot and be worthless; or, he simply just walks away from it and never returns, meanwhile the crop grows and either rots on the vine or someone else harvests the crop instead.
Believe it or not, this happens all the time (not to farmers). People get into a situation that forces them to call on God in prayer; but, because they don’t have a personal relationship with Him, they don’t really believe anything will happen, and when they don’t see instant results, they claim that prayer doesn’t work and they refuse to believe that they are healed or, even worse, they don’t believe God heals and, so, they lose their healing and, consequently, lose their faith in God completely.
Then there’s the farmer who plants a field of seed and, every day, goes out and digs up the seed, attempting to see if it has taken root; as a result, the seed never gets to take root, so it never has a chance to grow and produce. Amazingly enough, there are people who pray for something and, every day, they re-examine the prayer, the reason for the prayer; and, any other options that may be available (Doctors, Banks, other religions, even the Occult), in the event that the prayer didn’t work.
H-E-L-L-O-O-O-O, that is one, sure fire, guaranteed way of sabotaging a prayer, if ever I saw one, come-on! The FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT principle of prayer is FAITH. If you don’t know what faith is, We’ll spell it out for you.
F.A.I.T.H. – Forsaking All, I Trust Him.
FIRST – you MUST, beyond any shadow of doubt, believe that the one to whom you are praying is actually REAL.
SECOND – you MUST, likewise, believe (actually, believe is sometimes not enough – you need to KNOW [be convinced beyond any shadow of doubt]) that He is both capable and willing to perform what you are requesting of Him.
THIRD – most importantly, regardless of what you do, or do not see, hear, feel or otherwise sense, you DO NOT waiver but continue to believe that, what you prayed for, has already been done and DO NOT doubt but stand your ground until the manifestation takes place; just like the time it takes for the seed to begin sprouting, in time it will produce a crop.
Here is the point we are trying to get you to see. When you follow the plan we laid out in this Blog, and start planting seed, you need to be patient, because everything takes time, and the amount of time it takes, is directly proportionate to how much you believe in your harvest.
We would also like to bring your attention to something that most of us never pay attention to. It is a fact that every one of us is planting seed, all the time; think about it, you see someone and you smile at them, you are planting a seed and, usually, it produces an instant harvest, or you do something that someone doesn’t like and, instantly, they react to it in anger. These are 2 examples of sowing and reaping in which an instant harvest happens.
An example of seed that requires waiting a little longer; when children are born, they need to learn how to speak and walk; this takes time. As people speak to the children, they are planting seeds of learning; as the children repeat those words, that seed is watered by positive re-enforcement from those who hear them, encouraging the children to produce more speach.
Every word we say, every action, even every thought, plants a seed and will, eventually, produce a harvest, some good, some bad, but all will produce a harvest, therefore, it is important to watch what we do and say or even what we think, because our thoughts have a tendency to become more than thoughts if we dwell on them too often, or too long, and when we do, we tend to act out the thoughts, which can be good, or bad, depending on what we were thinking about.
The important thing about that is this, no matter what thoughts enter your mind, it is up to you to reject the negative ones (pulling up the weeds) or cultivate the positive thoughts and be aware of how you react or act out the thoughts so as to have a positive affect on others, rather than offending them, or causing negative thoughts to grow in them.
The thing to remember is that, once a seed is planted, it WILL produce a harvest, even if it is prematurely disrupted and produces a distorted version of its intended harvest, it cannot help but produce something.
If you’re new to our Blog, and curious about this topic, or what this teaching is about, we suggest you start, at the beginning, with Our Story . This will help you understand the next part. If, however, this is a one time thing for you, we thank you for reading and we hope, and pray, that todays teaching was enjoyable and encouraging for you and we encourage you, also, to read more chapters, as well. Check the Index and pick one or start form the beginning.
So, talking about seed producing a harvest, when you take today’s addition of $1,310.72 and add it to your collection, you get a total of $2,621.43 or 262,143 pennies. This also means that you would have made 262,143 friends (that is more than 1/4 of a million people). So, it’s obvious that your seed is producing a very viable harvest. Til next time, keep your mind on preparing your harvest.
God Bless and we’ll catch ya on the flip side.






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28 09 2009

Wow………….. very good and deep.
thank-you for the good food.

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