We need a RoadMap

3 10 2009

Day 21

1 = 1;  2 = 2;  3 = 4;  4 = 8;  5 = 16;  6 = 32;  7 = 64;  8 = 128;  9 = 256;  10 = 512;  11 = 1,024;  12 = 2,048; 13 = 4,096; 14 = 8,192; 15 = 16,384; 16 = 32,768; 17 = 65,536; 18 = 131,072; 19 = 262,144; 20 = 524,288; 21 = 1,048,576

Total = 2,097,151.  What do roughly 2 million people have in common?

Well, for starters that is almost the entire population of the City of Vancouver in the Province of British Columbia in the Country of Canada.

It also happens to be the number of people that YOU could influence, and lead to Christ, in 21 days (or generations – as described earlier in this Blog as, one generation being, each time someone is brought in, through someone you brought in) following the principles outlined in this Blog.

We estimated that it might take 6 months to affect a conversion, so, at that rate, it would take 10 1/2 years to convert all of Vancouver; not too shabby. Just imagine, if we could accelerate that to 1 month each, it would take less than 2 years. Just wait until we get to Day 30 and see how many people we could influence for Christ!

As a bit of recap, we discussed, on Day 12, about how to develop this social network we’ve been talking about and, it is our opinion that we have laid down a pretty good foundation. One thing that we believe has always hindered people, in their attempt to make changes of any kind, is 2-fold.

First of all – recognizing that they have the need to change. This is, and always has been, the number one stumbling block for most people. As we mentioned back in May, when we began the teaching; the average person just sort of drifts through life as though everything is fine and that all things will work out, eventually; and, as we said then, this attitude creates a false sense of security that leads to destruction when things don’t work out.

Secondly – When an individual finally realizes that they are in need of a change, they are immediately confronted with 2 more situations –

The first, and most obvious one is; where do we go from here – or, put another way – they realize that, what they are doing isn’t working but, they have no idea on how to fix it, or what WILL work.

The next dilemma that they face, happens after they discover the answer, or the solution to their problem. That dilemma is that, they have no idea how to get there, or even what to do in order to find out.

We would like to draw a bit of a scenario, in the hope of painting a mental picture for you, so that this will be easier for you to grasp. Let us suppose, hypothetically, you and your family have a very dull life but, since you never get out, you are unaware that it could be better. Over time, you become aware of other people who seem to be very happy but, you don’t understand why. Eventually, you overhear one of these people say they went to a place that was fun, and made them happy. Now, you all want to go but, you don’t know where it is or how to get there, so you decide to go ask these people, and they, happily, give you the name of the place. So, you and your family get in the car and head out to find the place, but the directions weren’t clear and you keep running into dead ends. You ask for directions, along the way but, since the people you ask aren’t really sure, they give you misleading information and you get lost.

Lost, confused and desperate, after a lengthy, frustrating drive, you finally arrive back at home. The people who first told you about this place, approach you to see if you found it. Upon hearing your story, they happily draw you a map. Once again you head out but, this time, thanks to your guide map, you have no trouble finding the place; and, upon your arrival, you are greeted with open arms and, you and your family, enjoy all the pleasures that you were told would be available there. Now, after returning home, your lives are no longer dull, but full of life; so full, in fact, that you can’t help but to go share it with someone, and so the story continues.

Here is our point, in order for you to achieve the goals that brought you to this website in the first place, it was necessary for you to realize, you had a need for a change. It is our opinion that, your need is to have a good relationship with God. In order to have that relationship, it is necessary to follow a certain path, but before you can follow that path, it is absolutely imperative that you stop, and take a serious look at your current situation. You need to know where you are starting from, so that you can follow the right path.

Let me make that more clear. Some of you are LOST, the Bible tells us, in the Book of Romans, that we all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God – LOST; for these people, all you need do is call on God, admit to Him that you know you are lost, and ask Him to be your Savior & Lord.

Some of you already know God, but have found yourself on a path that is leading you in the wrong direction. All you need do is REPENT. Tell God you don’t want to do this anymore, and ask Him to renew your fellowship with Him.

Some of you are just looking for more in your walk with Him. All you need to do is, ask Him to fill you again, with His Spirit, and start Praising Him.

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called, according to his purpose.





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