Count the Cost!

1 11 2009

Day 24

6 days and counting. As the days are counting down, the numbers are counting up. After almost 3 1/2 weeks, your teams collective conversions has escalated to a whopping 8,388,608; bringing your current total to 16,777,215. That is so unbelievable, that it boggles the mind to even think about it, the fact that you can literally affect the lives of over 16 million people by, simply, doubling your efforts 24 times (generations).

At this point, it may be presumptuous to consider the possibility that, when you started, you didn’t have the foggiest notion that this was even possible; but, the fact is that, based on what you’ve learned, it is quite conceivable that you, personally, could be responsible, directly or indirectly, for reaching this many people with the gospel message in 12 years by, simply, finding and befriending a new person every six months; and, helping them to know Jesus in a personal way; and, teaching them to do the same (or 6 years, if you could complete each conversion and training every 3 months).

We would like to take a moment, and share something very important with you, that Jesus taught His Disciples. Something that is fundamental to this teaching, to your relationship with God and, in fact, to everything you put your mind to doing; and, that is this: In the Gospel of Luke, we read, in the 14th chapter, beginning with the 25th verse, that Jesus tells them (and us) to COUNT THE COST.

He was explaining to them that, in order to follow Him, you must be willing to let go of everything that matters to you; including your possessions, status, family, even your own life. He says, it is absolutely imperative that He have first place in your life, over and above anything else. Now, please, understand that He isn’t saying you need to sacrifice any of these things but, that none of them is more important than Him.

Let us remind you, that we have pointed out the fact, that God Loves you and cares for you and wants only the best for you; also, that He is not some mean old ogre waiting to pounce on you or rob you of the things that are precious to you. He knows you have need of these things; and, He wants you to have them; but, what matters most to Him is that He gets to share eternity with you, in His presence.

He goes on to tell us that, unless we do this, we cannot be His Disciples, because the temptation to look after the cares of the world can hold us back from following His leading. He compares it to someone deciding to construct a building. Anyone with any sense at all will take the time to sit down and draw up the plans for the building, and figure out how much it will cost, and make sure that they are well able to complete the task, before they even begin.

We are sharing this with you now, because it is crucial, that you fully understand that you are making a conscious choice to follow the teachings of Christ, when you ask Him to be your Savior; and you choose to make Him the Lord of your life; with the understanding that, when you do, He promises that your life will be better than you could make it yourself, as long as you do His will; which is actually very easy to do. He says there are only 2 Laws to follow:

1 To Love God with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength and with all your heart.

2 To Love your neighbor as yourself.

As long as you do this, you will never go wrong; and, if you find you can’t do it, just ask Him to give you His strength; because He says, in our weakness, He becomes our strength.

We look at it as a triangle, in which God is at the top, you are at one of the lower points and all you desire (which includes the desires God puts on your heart) are at the other lower point. As you draw closer to God, the ability to get closer to those desires, becomes easier to see, because of your new perspective; and, also becomes easier to get to, because there are fewer obstructions in the way. In other words, God can, and will, get you to where you want and need to be, quicker and easier than you can get there without Him; and, He promises to richly Bless you, at the same time, because you chose to follow Him.

So, as we said, there are costs involved in following Christ, just as there are costs involved in any major decision you make; and, He has stated the costs clearly in His word (If unsure read the 4 Gospels); and, He has likewise stated the benefits of following Him, versus the cost of choosing to not follow Him. He says, “I have put before you Life and Death”; and, in case you were confused about what to do, He adds to that statement, “CHOOSE LIFE”.

So, we urge you to grab a Bible, preferably one you can understand, like the NIV, or the Message, for example, and read the 4 Gospels, particularly the Gospel of John (it shouldn’t take too long) and make a sound decision, and call on Him; He is waiting, patiently, to hear from you.

When you have made the choice, continue to study His Word, and get understanding, which only the Holy Spirit can give you, and go share what you know (and don’t forget to let us know about it).

Meanwhile, God Bless & we’ll catch ya on the flip side.





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