Perfect Love

9 11 2009

Day 25

A few posts, back we compared some numbers, and pointed out that, your total, at that time, was over 2 million people, which we said was about the same as the population of Vancouver, Canada. Recently, we were doing a study on the Creation of the Earth and, after doing a bit of number crunching, we discovered that the age of the Earth and, in fact, the entire Universe, is just over 2 million days old.

We were studying some CD’s put together by Dr. Hovind, a well renowned Science Expert. On this set of CD’s, he explains, with proof, how absolutely impossible the Evolution Theory, as it is taught in school, is and has, in fact, offered a quarter million dollar reward to anyone who could show him, any proof, that the Evolution Theory is true and, so far, no one has been able to claim the reward.

On the other hand, he has very compelling evidence, proving the Creation Theory, as recorded in the Bible. He points out that, with the aid of a little math, it is possible to add up all the dates, of all the people, from Adam to Jesus, and include the time, from Jesus to now, and figure out the approximate age of the Earth. According to these calculations, we can place the age of the Earth at about 6 thousand years. Some say that God spoke it into being at, about, 4004 BC (Before Christ) and, adding 2010, in order to bring it to the end of this year, we have 6,014 years, in total; and, when we multiply that total by 365, for the average number of days in a year, we get 2,195,110 days in total.

Now, that is only an approximation, based on the facts we have available; but, it is a far clearer, and more precise, estimate than the, so-called, millions of years estimated by evolutionists, who admit they are only guessing; and, are still searching for that, ever-elusive, “MISSING LINK” to try to prove their story.

Dr. Hovind has also proven that Dinosaurs existed alongside Adam & Eve and,  he has compelling proof of what actually happened to them. You can check it out, for yourself, online, @; and, while you’re there, take some time to check out his dinosaur museum and amusement park, which is, actually, a real place that you can take your Family & Friends to go see.

You, me and pretty much everyone else, on the planet, have been fed a bunch of lies, all our lives, and made to believe something that isn’t true. Those who are responsible for propagating these lies, explain the reason for teaching evolution as they do, is because, to do anything else, would require a belief in the Creation story, as recorded in the Bible; and this, they claim, is unacceptable; because, they refuse to allow God to tell them what they can and cannot do.

I like something Dr. Hovind said, on one of the CD’s. He said that, there was a well known man of science, who made the following comment; this “man of science” said, “Either there is a God — or there isn’t”. Not the most profound statement I ever heard but, non-the-less, true; but then, he went on to say, that either one of these possibilities is equally frightening for someone who does not believe in God. Now, that is, indeed, a perplexing thought. He ended this comment by stating that, “If there is a God, we better find out, who He is, and what He wants, and do what He says, because He owns the place; and, if there isn’t a God, then we are all in trouble, because our planet is, currently, hurtling through space at about 65 thousand miles per hour, as well as spinning on it’s axis at about 1 thousand miles per hour; and, no one is in charge!”

Now, I’m not exactly certain but, I believe, this man just talked himself into believing in God; because, to not believe that God is in charge, would leave him to believe the alternative, which is far too frightening. Something even more frightening, is the fact that, over 150 thousand people, worldwide, are dying, every day; and, most of them don’t know God; and, that is not only sad, but tragic, because all it takes is for someone to go and tell them that God Loves them; and, even, if they are in a country that fights Christianity, it is still possible, with God’s help.

It is estimated that, the total number of people, who ever lived on the Earth, is between 100 & 115 billion people to date; and, the current total, as of Nov 3/09 is 6,794,580,301. According to our calculations, you are currently looking at bringing in 16,777,216 people to the Kingdom by following our plan, bringing our current total to 33,554,431. We believe that, when you continue with this plan, it won’t take much longer before you reach the entire world, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and, REMEMBER, you are not doing it alone. You are only responsible for the next person you meet that doesn’t know Him; and, all you’re required to do is love on them, with the Love of God, and let Him do the rest.

It really doesn’t need to be difficult, people make it hard, because they allow fear to get in the way; but, Scripture tells us that, Perfect Love (God’s Love) casts out ALL fear. It also isn’t up to you to convert anyone, that’s a job for the Holy Spirit. You simply love on them, and let them know God loves them, and show them how to find Him, when they are ready; and, when you’ve done all you can do, and they still reject Him, keep on loving them but, realize that, there are others out there who have never heard of Him, at all; and, they need your time and God’s Love.

So, til the next time, keep on truckin’ for Jesus & we’ll catch ya on the flip side. God Bless.





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