Love Says “BE”!!!

27 11 2009

Day 26

Hold on to your seat, we are about to take this ride to a new level. Don’t worry; it won’t hurt… much (just kidding). The truth of the matter is that, you are no longer the same person that you were the day you first logged on to this Blog; and, it’s time you stepped up and became accountable for your life, and realize that, the Creator of the Universe, has chosen to present you with the awesome responsibility of becoming accountable for the lives of others.

It’s true. God made all of us to be a family who love one another, and He wants us to help each other find the Way Home. The fact of the matter is that, each and every person who ever did and will exist, came out of the heart of God and, therefore, has always existed.

In 1 John 4:16, the Bible tells us that, God Is Love; which means, Love is a part of our very being. We also learn in John 1, and Hebrews 1, that Jesus is the Word of God. Job 33:4 tells us, the Spirit of God (Holy Spirit) made us. A little studying will show that the Holy Spirit is the Force, or Action of God. When something needed doing, the Holy Spirit went to work (Genesis 1:2-3, Hebrews 3:7, 17, Job 33:4, Psalms 139:7, Zechariah 4:6, Matthew 1:18, 3:11, 4:1, 28:19, Luke 11:13, John 14:26, 16:13, 1 Corinthians 6:19 and 2 Peter 1:21.

Having determined that God is Love, and Jesus is the Word, and the Holy Spirit is the Action, we want you to take a look at Genesis, chapter 1, and verses 1 through 5, with particular attention to verse 3. This verse says that, God said, “let there be light”; and, while keeping your mind on this verse, take a look at the following verses – Psalms 104:2, 1 John 1:5, 1 Timothy 6:16 and Psalms 56:13. These verses declare that we (all who choose to make Jesus their Savior and Lord) are the Light of the world.

We want you to expand your vision of the Word of God (it helps to study several different versions – 2 good references for studying the Bible are – &; and, understand the 3rd verse of Genesis 1, in a new light. The Word says, “God said, let there be light” but the original manuscripts (written in Hebrew) said, “God said, Light be”. So, since God is Love, and we are the light of the world, then it can be read as, “Love Says BE”.

We would like to paint a picture for you, if you would allow us to take license to paraphrase the Word, and create a hypothetical possibility. We are suggesting that, in the beginning, there was God; who existed as 3 persons in one, God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit (whom we will lovingly refer to as God the Mom – because the Holy Spirit is repeatedly referred to, in Scripture, as the emotions of God; and women, especially moms, are, naturally, more emotional than the male counterparts), and these 3 are one and are inseparable.

The Bible tells us that the worlds were made from things that cannot be seen; some people say it was made from nothing; but, think about it, can you see atoms with the naked eye, of course not, no one can. This means atoms cannot be seen; therefore, it may be conceivable to say that, the worlds were made from atoms. Now, in the beginning (When God Created Space & Time), the Universe was full of atoms, scattered everywhere (like a bunch of marbles). Consider what would happen to everything that exists today, if it all exploded, and was scattered. It would cover a vast area (filling up the Universe); because, when atoms are not connected to each other, they each take up a lot of SPACE.

Now, the Son decided to play with the atoms and make something (please, note that the following is our own thoughts and not necessarily provable), and being the smartest being to ever exist, He planned out the entire Universe, and presented it to the Father, and He liked it very much. He told Him to go ahead and create this Universe (which also included creating TIME). The Son, instantly went to the Mom and said, Mom, come help me build this stuff; and, of course, the Mom was more than pleased to help because, after all, moms are very good at keeping households, and other things, in order; with tenderness.

So, when Jesus came to the Father, with His plans to build a Universe, the Father gave His approval for the Son to SPEAK the WORDS, for the Mom (the Holy Spirit) to go ahead and start making things happen. As a reward to His Father, the Son decided to create Him a Family, that would Love Him; and, He created man. Since impersonation is considered the highest form of flattery, He chose to make man in His own image; and, God said it was Good. Not only that but, He also gave man all Power and Authority to rule everything in the Universe; and, also the Power to Create (the way He does) by just speaking the Words.

As we mentioned previously in this Blog, sin separated us from the Love of God; but, Jesus bought us back; and, all we need to do is accept His sacrifice, and operate by His principles, and we can have anything we say, if only we believe.

We have, so far, by faith brought in 33,554,432 new converts into the Kingdom of God; and, there are another 67,108,863 sinners waiting to be brought into His Kingdom, and they need someone to show them the way, to show them how to “BE”, so have faith, in God, and be bold enough to Love them into the Kingdom.

We’ll catch ya on the flip side and, remember, we are only 4 days away from our goal.





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