A Christmas Special!

3 12 2009

He isn’t There!

It’s the time of the year when most of us take a little time to reach beyond ourselves and make an effort to be a little nicer to those around us. Many of us, actually, take the time to attend church, even if it is only once a year and, usually, has little to do with Christianity.

Now, please, don’t get the idea that we are against Christmas and all the things most of us enjoy about the season, in fact, we believe it’s important to enjoy life to it’s fullest, and Christmas time gives us licence to, not only, do that; but, to reach out to loved ones, even those we have been alienated from.

It is our desire and, indeed, our mandate, to share with you what we believe to be the Truth about the reason for the season. In today’s world, many people, especially the young, have very little understanding of the history behind the things they have come to believe regarding Christmas.

A large majority have come to believe in Santa Claus as actually being real. Our apologies go out to anyone who reads this that is still under that influence but, for whatever minor problems may arise from learning the Truth, we firmly believe that a healthy knowledge of Truth will free a person to truly enjoy life.

Once again, please, do not take this message wrong, we know that children love to imagine and pretend; and, this is good and it is necessary. If children don’t have an avenue to practice using the creative power of their mind, they will grow up with an imbalance and be prone to possible social problems; therefore, we actually encourage them to enjoy the fantasy of Santa Claus and the reindeer, as well as Frosty the Snowman, the same as we adults enjoy watching a good movie, which we all know is fantasy, even when it appears to portray reality.

Let the children enjoy their fantasies but, DO NOT lie to them, by having them believe these fantasies are real; the damage done, is difficult to undo. Without fail, when children find they have been deliberately deceived, they find it very difficult to trust again and, much of the problems we have today, can be linked back to moments like these, especially when they go on for a long time.

The Truth about Santa Claus is that, back in the early 1900′s, a salesman for Coca-Cola invented this fable, as a means of promoting the companies products. The inspiration for the character came from 2 sources: the first, was a man known, in the middle ages, as Saint Nicholas; who was a wealthy man, that gave his heart to the Lord and, having a great compassion for children and for the poor, would spend all he had, to try and make life a bit more enjoyable for as many as possible; and the second was a Duke, we refer to as “Good King Wenceslas”, in a well known Christmas song. He was deeply concerned for the poor in his country and, during the Winter Solstice Festival, would trudge through the snow, on foot, to bring these poor people food, and blankets, to help ease their suffering.

While we’re on the topic of Winter Solstice, December 25th was not the actual day that Jesus was born. During the reign of King Constantinople, the entire country was converted to Christianity but, there was a problem. The people had become accustomed to celebrating the coming of winter, by sharing food, giving gifts, and celebrating as a community (which usually consisted of less than 100 people, in each community) and the king feared a riot would break out unless he did something so, he proclaimed that they would celebrate this day as the day Christ was born, and allow the festivities to continue as usual, but with a new purpose.

And, speaking of the birth of Christ, it seems evident, that those who chose to still believe in His birth, as a sign from God to restore mankind, have a few things to get straight. Once again, as with Santa, we are not trying to stifle your celebration, in fact, it is our desire, and intent, to help you to truly see why He was born, and bring you to the point of true worship in Him.

Many people still see Jesus as a baby in a manger; the truth is, “He isn’t There!” He grew up, became a carpenter, like His earthly father Joseph; and, at age 30, began a 3 1/2 year ministry. Following the leading of God the Father, He lived a sinless life, and was crucified, on a cross, to pay the penalty for sin; so that anyone who accepts Him, is Free in God.

And for the record, after He died and was buried, He arose after 3 days, and is seated on the right hand of God the Father. Even though everyone who died was left in a grave or a tomb, Jesus AROSE! He isn’t There!”

So, as you prepare to celebrate Christmas, don’t forget that Jesus is the reason for the season; and remember that, during His earthly ministry, He went about doing good, so let’s go do some good. Be kind to everyone, especially the needy. There are many people around the world, as well as in your own neighborhood, who will not enjoy Christmas as you do, because they have nothing.

REMEMBER, they may or may not be responsible for their situation but, the pain of it is very real. If you’ve learned anything from this Blog, you should know that, helping people to have a better life, and getting them to know Jesus, in a personal way, is our main goal.

In a nutshell, the one who spoke everything into existence, and raised Jesus from the dead, lives on the inside of YOU, when you make Jesus Christ your Savior and Lord. He Is Love, and wants to Love on everyone… through YOU!




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