Our Story

11 12 2009


My name is Gus Isaac. I grew up in British Columbia, Canada; in what is known as the Lower Mainland. I spent the majority of my life driving trucks, both locally and long distance. I have traveled across most of Canada and a large portion of the US.

I have lived in various places throughout the 3 western provinces, including Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; where I met my wife, Luz (although she prefers to be called by her second name – Nieves). She was born and raised in Valparaiso, Chile, South America; and, moved to Saskatoon at the age of 12. We met 16 years later, fell in love & got married; and, she has traveled with me, on many of my trucking runs, and enjoys traveling, as much as I do.

One of our interests is sharing God’s Love & His Word with others; in fact, this is our strongest desire, as well as our highest calling. We are, currently, attending a “Word of Faith” church that preaches and teaches the uncompromised Word of God; and, we live a Spirit led lifestyle. This church also hosts a children’s horse camp, on the premises; where children can come and ride horses, camp out and learn about Jesus.

It is our desire to help people weed through some of the, hard to understand, Christian jargon and Bible phrases, that seem to give people a misguided perspective of who God is, and what their purpose in life really is. One of the ways we have chosen to accomplish this task is, by doing an online teaching that, we believe, puts particular Biblical views into perspective.

We want to make it clear, up front, that we are not ordained ministers of any church, at this moment; but, have been Christians for many years and God ordained Bible scholars for the majority of that time. We have learned a great deal, not only about God, His Word & His people but about human nature, in general, and how the average non-Christian views God, His Word, His Church and how His people behave.

You have a choice to agree with what we say or not, and that’s fine; it is our desire to write down what we believe God has put on our hearts to share with you; and, we pray that it will find it’s way to those who need it and will embrace it. It is our heart’s desire that you see the Truth that we are presenting; because, when you do, it WILL change your life forever, whether you are a Christian right now or not!

As mentioned earlier, we love to travel and we also like to meet new people and share something special with each person we meet; so, now, we have something to share, that is actually good for them. It has also been our desire to help as many people as possible to get ahead in life. So many people are struggling financially, especially now that the economy has taken such a tumble, people are finding it difficult to see a positive future, but guess what…

GOD IS RECESSION PROOF… it doesn’t matter what your situation is, God has a solution; and, our first lesson will touch on a couple of things that WILL make a difference in the lives of ALL who follow the principles we will be sharing.

As you read through each chapter (in order), you will discover that we are actually living by the principles we are teaching and discovering that God ALWAYS meets our needs, when we completely trust in the guidance of His Holy Spirit!


Catch ya on the flip side!





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