26 12 2009

Day 28

2 days and counting. What are we counting? We are counting days and we are counting pennies and we are also, and more importantly, counting people, or more accurately, souls, for the Kingdom of God. When we started this Blog, we set a mandate for 30 days, to see what we would end up with, by doubling a penny, every day.

To date, we have accumulated, a grand total of 134,217,727 pennies or $1,342,177.27 and we aren’t done yet. On the flip side, this also translates into 134,217,727 souls, that would be won, for the Kingdom of God.

I know there are some of you, reading this, that may be thinking that, all this is only a pipe dream, and that, in reality, it could never happen; but, we are living in a day and age when it, actually, is happening. When the Holy Spirit entered the Apostles, as recorded in the Book of Acts, there were as many as 3,000 souls brought into God’s Kingdom, daily; around the turn of the 20th Century, there were several men and women, known as revivalists, who were winning souls, at the rate of tens of thousands per day, some even converting entire countries.

What brought so many into the Kingdom? People were witnessing the awesome power of God, at work, during the revival meetings; people being healed of every kind of illness, even broken bones; and staying healed, the dead being brought back to life, signs and wonders of all kinds, including financial Blessings, and not just for the moment, but continually, as long as they continued to Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, and used the financial prosperity, they received, to help those in need, and to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can read about these events, along with many others, in a book by Roberts Liardon, entitled, “God’s Generals”.

We are witnessing, today, the same kinds of things, all around the world. God has raised up many men and women of God who are not ashamed of the Gospel and not afraid of man or media or the power of satan; because, Scripture declares, that he is under our feet, and when we resist him, he must flee from us. One such person, who has been featured, recently, in many media presentations, is a German Evangelist, by the name of Reinhard Bonnke.

This man has been holding revival meetings, all over Africa; and, usually, brings in crowds, of a few hundred thousand people and, in fact, has recently, come close to a million people per meeting. The interesting thing is, there are no repeaters, each meeting has new people; we know this because, when he asks for people to come forward to accept Christ, in most cases, practically everyone comes forward and, each conversion is documented, who they are, and where they live, and none are duplicated.

The power of God, is further demonstrated, in the ability to train so many new believers, and keep them on the right path, because they need to raise up men and women from within each group, who have the ability to lead, and can also grasp the most basic concepts quickly, so that they can lead the rest of the people in their area.

One of the most remarkable thing that has made him front page news is that, on at least 2 occasions, it has been recorded, that someone has brought a dead person to one of his meetings, and the person came back to life. The first, was a woman, whose husband died, and it took her 3 days to get him to the meeting and, when she arrived, she was unable to get inside, so she brought him into the basement. Just being close to the anointing of God, that was flowing in the meeting, the man came back to life, and is still alive today. The second one, was recently, after a meeting when Reinhard was getting into the car, a woman brought her dead, 3 year old, son to him. He laid hands on the boy and prayed and got in the car and left; but, as he was leaving, the boy came back to life, and she brought the boy to the evening meeting to witness to Reinhard, and everyone there, about what God had done, and many people believed and were converted.

Whether you choose to believe these stories or not, they are all well documented, and we would be more than willing to provide proof, to anyone who asks (at no charge), simply leave us a note, at the end of this Post, with an e-mail address, and we will be happy to connect you with this info.

(To check out Reinhard Bonnke for yourself, click this link, or copy the following to your browser:

For those of you who are still saying that, this is all fine and well, for all of us Super-Spiritual people, but you are just a regular person and you don’t think you could ever do things like this; we have GOOD NEWS for you, neither are we. Believe it or not, we are just regular people, just like you; and, if you were to talk to people who know us, they would confirm to you that we bleed just like you, we are prone to mistakes, just like you, in every way, we are like you, the only difference is that, we have the Holy Spirit living on the inside and He helps us do things that we could never do by ourselves.

What sets us apart is that, we KNOW we are forgiven, when we confess our screw-ups to God and, we KNOW that He will do ALL these things when we operate in FAITH (simply believing that what the Word says is true, and acting on it, according to His desire).

On our own, we are not capable of any of this, neither are any of these other people, it only becomes possible, when we “Let God Be God”. So, therefore, the owness is on Him to make it happen, all you and me need to do is Believe, without doubting (and He will help you with that too, if you ask Him to).

Well, once again, we have run out of space for this Post, so stay with us, THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING.

There is so much more to come, on the flip side.





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27 12 2009

god bless you

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