turn pennies into light.

27 12 2009

Day 29

A large crowd of about 1,500 people, of all ages and backgrounds, had gathered together for an evening of enjoyment and learning. All the doors, of the auditorium, had been closed; the crowd had been instructed to remain still and to not panic, for they were about to have an enlightening experience.
Once everyone was settled, the speaker prompted the ushers to hand every person an unlit candle. Once everyone had a candle, the speaker asked for all the lights to be turned down; until, the only visible light, was the one shining on him. At this point the speaker addressed the crowd and suggested that everyone remain calm, as the final light was extinguished.
At first, you could hear a few gasps and whispers and the gentle cries of babies, in the crowd, being comforted by their parents then, suddenly, a small flame appeared, at the location of the speaker, which was then used, to light his candle. In the moments between the lights going off and the candle being lit, the auditorium was in complete and utter darkness, in fact, it was so dark, you could not see anything, not a glimmer of light, not a reflection, not even your hand in front of your own face.
This darkness, represents the world most people live in. Sin has so completely engulfed the world in darkness, that it is unable to see the Truth. We are blinded to the reality of God, and the real meaning of why Christ Jesus came to Earth, or even, what our purpose is in life. Most people, are even unable to see basic Truths around them.
If you have ever tried to make your way around, even your own home, in the dark, you know, it’s very difficult to do, without bumping into things. If you’ve ever been in a power outage, you probably would have benefited from the use of a flashlight, to help guide your way. Well, in the same way, our speaker used this small candle to shed a bit of light in the mega darkness of this large auditorium. Immediately, there were sighs of relief and a chorus of cheers and applause.
It’s amazing how much difference a small amount of light can make; even though it wasn’t much, if someone wanted to move around, it was a bit easier to find their way. This is what happens when we share the Truth of God’s Love with others. But, at times, such a small amount, may not be sufficient enough to guide a person to where they need to go.
The speaker shared with the group that, we are the Light to the world and that, as we continue to share God’s Love with one another, it doesn’t take long before everyone is able to see clearly and, the fears that, seem to, come along with being in the dark, become dispelled and everyone feels calm and peaceful. The speaker then turned and lit the candle his assistant was holding; then, the two of them, lit the candles of two other platform assistants; and, in turn, the 4 of them lit the candles held by the 4 head ushers.
At this point, there was enough light to fully illuminate the platform, making it easy for everyone to see who was there, but the rest of the auditorium was still in semi-darkness. This is how our world is today; the church has the Light and can easily see the Truth but, unfortunately, many of us fail to share that Light with the world and, therefore, most of the world sits in semi-darkness; aware that Light exists, but unable to walk in that Light themselves and are in need of a flashlight (a guide).
With 8 candles lit, each one of these was used to light a candle held by the 8 floor ushers. We now had 16 candles lit and, each one, went from row to row, lighting the candle of the person at the end of the row; who, in turn, lit the candle of the person next to them; and, before long, every candle in the auditorium was lit, producing so much light that, when the normal lights were turned back on, there was very little difference.
Everyone was so excited, that they were cheering and shouting and clapping and praising God, and no one was sad. Another thing we noticed was, that no one was going around judging anyone’s candle, saying things like it wasn’t bright enough or big enough or it was shaped wrong; and no one was going around trying to blow out other people’s candles because they didn’t burn the same as theirs.
Everyone enjoyed the Light, because no one wanted to be in darkness. Once every candle was lit, and the crowd was happy, the speaker called for the main lights to be turned on; and the people could snuff out the candles, and return them to the ushers for disposal. The speaker, once again, addressed the audience and encouraged them to go about their daily lives, spreading the Light of God’s Love, and to not judge another persons candle, or try putting out a Light they don’t agree with; but, to shine all the brighter themselves, so others will be drawn to their Light.
REMEMBER, It’s not a competition; we are all in this together. The Word tells us that, one plants the seed, and another waters, but it is God who gives the Increase. We can’t do it, and we shouldn’t try to take the credit, but we need to make a way for God to do what He wants, and needs, to do; and that is, to bring all people into His Light, where there is no darkness.
So, open your heart and let the Light of God direct your path; you can shine that Light, and turn those pennies into people or, more precisely, Souls for the Kingdom of God.
For what it’s worth, we have finally made it; we are one day away from the final conclusion to this little mini-series, on what can happen to a penny (or a Soul) after one month (generation). If you’ve enjoyed this series, please let us know, and hang on to your bookmark for the final episode – it’s sure to be a BLOCKBUSTER; and not only that, as we mentioned in the previous chapter, this is not the end, this is just the kickoff; with much, much more to come.
Catch ya on the flip side.






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