28 12 2009

Day 30

YAY! We finally made it, it’s hard to believe, we started this Blog 37 weeks ago today; and what’s even more interesting is, that there are, to date, now 38 chapters or Posts, as they are called. Even though it was unplanned, we managed to do a Post a week, on average; even though, at times, it took longer than a week before we Posted and, sometimes, we Posted more than once a day.

We indicated in, at least, the last 2 posts, that this is merely a kick-off to something much greater. We mentioned a ways back, when we spoke about seed, time and harvest, that the seed must be buried and die, in order to be changed into something else.

Let’s put that another way. As a baby grows inside the mother, it becomes accustomed to the environment; but, in order to live the life that he, or she was created for; the baby’s existence, within the mother, must die, in order to make it possible for the new life to begin.

Many things must change, the child was in a warm, cozy place, and is thrust into a new environment, subjected to many changes; not to mention, needing to learn a new way to breathe and find food.

Well, hang onto those training pants because, we are about to launch this puppy into a whole new dimension. Our penny, has grown into a whopping $ 10,737,418.23 in 30 days. Woo-Hoo! Now, we realize it took us 37 weeks to complete our 30 day challenge but, don’t sweat it, it just gave some people a chance to catch up. Now, as you may recall, your pennies, represented souls brought into God’s Kingdom; which means, we are now at 1,073,741,823 souls for Christ; and, when you do the math, it would only take 2 more days to reach the, total, number of people, living on this planet (see Perfect Love for the total number).

Here’s a mystery, just like the seed and the baby, when a person dies, they pass on from this life to another form of life; nothing actually dies; everything changes, and becomes something else. Some things become other forms of life; some things are converted into some form of energy or any number of variations. People shed this mortal body and release their Spirit Being into Eternity. EVERYONE WILL LIVE FOREVER, the question is, where will you spend Eternity?

We covered this, extensively, throughout this Blog, so suffice it to say this, God desires for ALL mankind to spend Eternity with Him. He designed Heaven for us to habitate, and He designed hell for satan, and his followers, including all who rebel against God, by refusing to accept His gracious gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, as their Savior and Lord.

As we venture into our new phase in this Blog adventure, we will expand on some earlier topics, for clarity sake; but will, primarily, be focusing on clearing up some major misconceptions people have about God, the Bible and the whole Christian perspective.

We used this penny idea, as a focal point; to show how quickly, and easily, things can be done, when you use a network system; and, our primary goal was, to help individuals who have a difficult time with finances, emotions, God and people; whether it’s in the area of evangelism or simply finding a friend. We hope we have been successful in helping some of you, and pray for God’s grace, and guidance in your lives. For those of you who managed to stay with us, throughout this teaching, but haven’t managed to improve your situation from last year; don’t despair, there is still hope.

It doesn’t matter if you saved your pennies or not; and, finding a friend, or not finding one, wasn’t the issue. What matters most, is your relationship with your Heavenly Father. As for the rest of it, start by talking with your Father God, and asking His advise; and then, listen for the answer. He is the only one who can truly help you, and it is His desire to do that. His Word says to cast your burdens on Him, because He cares for you. On the flip side, you can read over the lessons again and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, make a more concentrated effort to follow the plan. It WILL work, if YOU work it!

One of the things that will help us the most, in choosing the direction we need to go with this Blog, is feedback from our readers. We enjoy the feedback we have received so far and we strongly encourage anyone, and everyone, to try to find the time to read through the entire Blog, a little at a time and leave a comment at the end of each Post you read. The “Leave Comment” access point, at the bottom of the Post, is sometimes difficult for some people to notice; but, if you take the time to look for it (seek), you will find it.

When you click the “Leave Comment” link, you don’t need to write much, but give us your honest opinion or question, and don’t be afraid to leave your e-mail address, it’s perfectly safe, we only use it for our records and for security reasons, it will not be shared with anyone else.

We have, thoroughly, enjoyed sharing our thoughts with you but, as we said, a seed must be planted and allowed to die, in order to make way for a new, and better form. We said, at the start, that this Blog would cover a 30 day challenge and come to an end. So, this Blog was the seed that we planted, and now, it must be allowed to transform and become something new and better; the same as when a person accepts Christ and is changed, the old passes away and a new and better life emerges. It is similar to the transformation (metamorphosis) that takes place when a catterpillar becomes a butterfly.

YOU are a major part of this new phase; without your input, this new Blog won’t have much of a life. We need your input to help nurture the new plant (Blog), so that it can grow and become strong and useful. We would also like, very much, if you would help to name our new Blog. That’s right, whether it be a person, a plant or even an idea, everything needs to have a name; something that we call it, that we will recognize it by.

We haven’t given you a homework assignment, for a while, so now you have one:

1. Name the Blog (what should we title our new Blog session).

2 Nurture the Blog (give us feedback so we know what to discuss).

3. Promote the Blog (invite your friends and acquaintances to come take a look).

4. Educate the Blog (come back regularly, and leave comments – teach the Blog to talk).

We can hardly wait to see what it will look like. What will it’s first words be? Who will it’s friends be? What will we call it? We sure hope a name is chosen soon; because, we really don’t like referring to our new Blog as “IT”.

We feel, very, privileged to have had this opportunity to share our thoughts with all of you. We have learned a lot, and we have a lot more to learn and to teach; and, we believe that, together, we can make this happen. We love you all and we are always here to help, in any way we can. If you are ever in the Lower Mainland area of B.C., we would like to welcome you, to join us, for a great time of fellowship and learning the Word, at our local church; called,” The Loft”.

You can find the address, and any other information you need about “The Loft” at:

Thank you for spending time with us and we’ll catch ya on the flip side.





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