God is Faithful

24 06 2014

Those of you who have taken the time to read our Blog, should already be aware, that I used to drive big rig trucks; and, that my wife (Nieves) would travel with me, when I went on long hauls. I was inspired, recently, to share, with a couple, about an experience that followed one such trip; and, my wife and I, decided that we should share that story with you.

Before sharing this story, we would like to set the stage, so to speak, (for those who have not read our Blog) in order to lay a foundation, to help you understand where we were coming from at the time. Everything we share, in this foundation, has already been said in previous Posts (in one of our Blogs), so this is not new info.

I was born and raised in Surrey, BC, which is on the west coast of Canada, near Vancouver. I moved to Saskatchewan shortly after finishing High School, and bounced back and forth between both Provinces and, eventually, settled in Saskatoon. I always wanted to go back to BC, but was torn because I had married and developed a family in Saskatoon. 3 children and 9 years later, I was divorced and became a single parent. 8 years after that, I met Nieves. She was born in Valparaiso, Chile; which is on the west coast of South America, near Santiago, the capital of Chile. She moved to Canada, at age 12, and lived in Saskatoon for the majority of the next 16 years, until we met.

I got divorced in ’86 and raised my kids as a single father; so, I kept my career local. By the time my wife & I met, my kids were mid teen, and I started going long haul more frequently. 2 years later, we got married, built a house and lived there for about a year & a half. Unfortunately, my job kept me away from home, my new wife and the children; so much so that we decided to sell the house back to the bank and she would travel with me. The oldest child was already living on her own and the older boy had become an adult and decided to find a place of his own and the youngest decided to move in with his sister until he finished school. It was a good idea, at the time, and we (my new bride & I) were finally able to spend some quality time together.

One of the downsides was that it is very costly for 2 people on the road; but, with God’s help, we managed (that is another great story for later). Another downside was that we went to a lot of places but never got to see too much. For instance, we drove by a sign that said, “turn here for Mount Rushmore – 15 minutes” but our schedule would not allow it; another time, we were so close to the Atlantic ocean that we could smell the salt air, but there was no time to drive to the beach. One time we were making a delivery in Niagara falls, but couldn’t see the falls because our truck was not allowed there. We even went to Hollywood, and drove right past MGM studios but we were only able to look at the front gate, as we drove by. Such is the life of a truck driver, oh well.

On the first trip my wife took with me, We had a load of steel that I picked up, in Hamilton, Ontario; which was to be delivered to Surrey, BC. I picked her up on the way through Saskatoon; because, company policy was, that we use the northern route, through Jasper, rather than staying on Hwy number 1, through Banff. The trip was very exciting for her; but, one of the highlights was, how much the west coast reminded her of home (Valparaiso, Chile). In fact, she loved it so much, that she didn’t even want to go back home to Saskatoon but, I promised to bring her back more often, and that made her feel better.

We could write a book about all our adventures and how God has always made a way for us when things were difficult; OH! Wait a minute… we did write a book; well, a journal, actually, describing all the good times and the bad and how God, not only, delivered us out of some situations that could have cost us our lives, or provided money or food when we were broke and starving, but also, showed us some fantastic things, such as gorgeous sunsets and sun rises, as well as driving, directly, under and through a rainbow.

Over the course of writing this Blog, we will endeavor to include as many of these events, as possible, so that you can share these memories with us. Our title says, “God is Faithful”, and we are living proof that this is true. God promised, in Jeremiah 29:11 that He has plans for our future, to Bless us and not to harm us but to give us hope. He has never let us down. We, sometimes, let ourselves or each other down but God is always faithful and true to His Word.

I have been a child of God (Christian) since 1977; Nieves grew up in a Christian home but, after moving to Canada, her life changed and church became a thing of the past; although, she never lost her faith in the knowledge that God would always be there to help her in an emergency. When we got married, her mother had come, from Chile, for the wedding and stayed a few months. During this time, Nieves had, reluctantly, attended a Bible study, at her mother’s request and rededicated her life to Christ.

At the time that this Blog Post was written, we were just shy of our 20th wedding anniversary and 22 wonderful years, following God’s leading together. We have witnessed many miracles together and look forward to many more years together, with God; and, it is our prayer that you take the opportunity that God has offered you, to become His child that, you too, may enjoy life, with Him. He says in Romans 10:9 that if you confess, with your voice that Jesus Christ (the Messiah) is Lord and believe it, in your heart; you, will be saved, from sin and He will accept you as His Child.

He says in His Word that this IS the day of Salvation, NOW is the acceptable time, so why don’t you take a moment (right now), to do that and secure your future. You will be glad that you did.

Please do us a favor, once you have done this, would you let us know so that we can REJOICE, along with ALL the Saints in Heaven, that you are now a Child of God and, if you don’t already have one, go get yourself a Bible and begin reading the New Testament and learn all you can about your new Life in Christ. Praise God.





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