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24 06 2014

Those of you who have taken the time to read our Blog, should already be aware, that I used to drive big rig trucks; and, that my wife (Nieves) would travel with me, when I went on long hauls. I was inspired, recently, to share, with a couple, about an experience that followed one such trip; and, my wife and I, decided that we should share that story with you.

Before sharing this story, we would like to set the stage, so to speak, (for those who have not read our Blog) in order to lay a foundation, to help you understand where we were coming from at the time. Everything we share, in this foundation, has already been said in previous Posts (in one of our Blogs), so this is not new info.

I was born and raised in Surrey, BC, which is on the west coast of Canada, near Vancouver. I moved to Saskatchewan shortly after finishing High School, and bounced back and forth between both Provinces and, eventually, settled in Saskatoon. I always wanted to go back to BC, but was torn because I had married and developed a family in Saskatoon. 3 children and 9 years later, I was divorced and became a single parent. 8 years after that, I met Nieves. She was born in Valparaiso, Chile; which is on the west coast of South America, near Santiago, the capital of Chile. She moved to Canada, at age 12, and lived in Saskatoon for the majority of the next 16 years, until we met.

I got divorced in ’86 and raised my kids as a single father; so, I kept my career local. By the time my wife & I met, my kids were mid teen, and I started going long haul more frequently. 2 years later, we got married, built a house and lived there for about a year & a half. Unfortunately, my job kept me away from home, my new wife and the children; so much so that we decided to sell the house back to the bank and she would travel with me. The oldest child was already living on her own and the older boy had become an adult and decided to find a place of his own and the youngest decided to move in with his sister until he finished school. It was a good idea, at the time, and we (my new bride & I) were finally able to spend some quality time together.

One of the downsides was that it is very costly for 2 people on the road; but, with God’s help, we managed (that is another great story for later). Another downside was that we went to a lot of places but never got to see too much. For instance, we drove by a sign that said, “turn here for Mount Rushmore – 15 minutes” but our schedule would not allow it; another time, we were so close to the Atlantic ocean that we could smell the salt air, but there was no time to drive to the beach. One time we were making a delivery in Niagara falls, but couldn’t see the falls because our truck was not allowed there. We even went to Hollywood, and drove right past MGM studios but we were only able to look at the front gate, as we drove by. Such is the life of a truck driver, oh well.

On the first trip my wife took with me, We had a load of steel that I picked up, in Hamilton, Ontario; which was to be delivered to Surrey, BC. I picked her up on the way through Saskatoon; because, company policy was, that we use the northern route, through Jasper, rather than staying on Hwy number 1, through Banff. The trip was very exciting for her; but, one of the highlights was, how much the west coast reminded her of home (Valparaiso, Chile). In fact, she loved it so much, that she didn’t even want to go back home to Saskatoon but, I promised to bring her back more often, and that made her feel better.

We could write a book about all our adventures and how God has always made a way for us when things were difficult; OH! Wait a minute… we did write a book; well, a journal, actually, describing all the good times and the bad and how God, not only, delivered us out of some situations that could have cost us our lives, or provided money or food when we were broke and starving, but also, showed us some fantastic things, such as gorgeous sunsets and sun rises, as well as driving, directly, under and through a rainbow.

Over the course of writing this Blog, we will endeavor to include as many of these events, as possible, so that you can share these memories with us. Our title says, “God is Faithful”, and we are living proof that this is true. God promised, in Jeremiah 29:11 that He has plans for our future, to Bless us and not to harm us but to give us hope. He has never let us down. We, sometimes, let ourselves or each other down but God is always faithful and true to His Word.

I have been a child of God (Christian) since 1977; Nieves grew up in a Christian home but, after moving to Canada, her life changed and church became a thing of the past; although, she never lost her faith in the knowledge that God would always be there to help her in an emergency. When we got married, her mother had come, from Chile, for the wedding and stayed a few months. During this time, Nieves had, reluctantly, attended a Bible study, at her mother’s request and rededicated her life to Christ.

At the time that this Blog Post was written, we were just shy of our 20th wedding anniversary and 22 wonderful years, following God’s leading together. We have witnessed many miracles together and look forward to many more years together, with God; and, it is our prayer that you take the opportunity that God has offered you, to become His child that, you too, may enjoy life, with Him. He says in Romans 10:9 that if you confess, with your voice that Jesus Christ (the Messiah) is Lord and believe it, in your heart; you, will be saved, from sin and He will accept you as His Child.

He says in His Word that this IS the day of Salvation, NOW is the acceptable time, so why don’t you take a moment (right now), to do that and secure your future. You will be glad that you did.

Please do us a favor, once you have done this, would you let us know so that we can REJOICE, along with ALL the Saints in Heaven, that you are now a Child of God and, if you don’t already have one, go get yourself a Bible and begin reading the New Testament and learn all you can about your new Life in Christ. Praise God.




12 09 2010

Chapter 1  Our Story

Chapter 2  Where to start?!

Chapter 3  1 penny, doubled, 30 times = ?

Chapter 4  small beginnings…

Chapter 5  A good foundation

Chapter 6  2 by 2

Chapter 7  PAY IT FORWARD!

Chapter 8  Helping your neighbour

Chapter 9  SIMPLIFY & LIVE!

Chapter 10  Check it out!

Chapter 11  Life is a muscle!

Chapter 12  Sow – Believe ; Give – Receive

Chapter 13  Sowing & Reaping

Chapter 14  A.S.K.

Chapter 15  KNOCK, KNOCK…

Chapter 16  Onward & Upward

Chapter 17  The Doubling Effect

Chapter 18  Choose Life!

Chapter 19  S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

Chapter 20  J.O.Y. Island

Chapter 21  HALF-WAY POINT

Chapter 22  GOD doesn’t care!

Chapter 23  It’s Time to get Serious!


Chapter 25  SELF TEST

Chapter 26  Do’s & Don’ts?!

Chapter 27  We need a RoadMap

Chapter 28  A friend indeed


Chapter 30  Count the Cost!

Chapter 31  Perfect Love

Chapter 32  Love Says, “BE”!!!

Chapter 33  A Christmas Special!

Chapter 34  Jesus was NEVER poor!

Chapter 35  SO CLOSE…

Chapter 36  turn pennies into light.

Chapter 37  NAME OUR NEW BLOG!

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28 12 2009

Day 30

YAY! We finally made it, it’s hard to believe, we started this Blog 37 weeks ago today; and what’s even more interesting is, that there are, to date, now 38 chapters or Posts, as they are called. Even though it was unplanned, we managed to do a Post a week, on average; even though, at times, it took longer than a week before we Posted and, sometimes, we Posted more than once a day.

We indicated in, at least, the last 2 posts, that this is merely a kick-off to something much greater. We mentioned a ways back, when we spoke about seed, time and harvest, that the seed must be buried and die, in order to be changed into something else.

Let’s put that another way. As a baby grows inside the mother, it becomes accustomed to the environment; but, in order to live the life that he, or she was created for; the baby’s existence, within the mother, must die, in order to make it possible for the new life to begin.

Many things must change, the child was in a warm, cozy place, and is thrust into a new environment, subjected to many changes; not to mention, needing to learn a new way to breathe and find food.

Well, hang onto those training pants because, we are about to launch this puppy into a whole new dimension. Our penny, has grown into a whopping $ 10,737,418.23 in 30 days. Woo-Hoo! Now, we realize it took us 37 weeks to complete our 30 day challenge but, don’t sweat it, it just gave some people a chance to catch up. Now, as you may recall, your pennies, represented souls brought into God’s Kingdom; which means, we are now at 1,073,741,823 souls for Christ; and, when you do the math, it would only take 2 more days to reach the, total, number of people, living on this planet (see Perfect Love for the total number).

Here’s a mystery, just like the seed and the baby, when a person dies, they pass on from this life to another form of life; nothing actually dies; everything changes, and becomes something else. Some things become other forms of life; some things are converted into some form of energy or any number of variations. People shed this mortal body and release their Spirit Being into Eternity. EVERYONE WILL LIVE FOREVER, the question is, where will you spend Eternity?

We covered this, extensively, throughout this Blog, so suffice it to say this, God desires for ALL mankind to spend Eternity with Him. He designed Heaven for us to habitate, and He designed hell for satan, and his followers, including all who rebel against God, by refusing to accept His gracious gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, as their Savior and Lord.

As we venture into our new phase in this Blog adventure, we will expand on some earlier topics, for clarity sake; but will, primarily, be focusing on clearing up some major misconceptions people have about God, the Bible and the whole Christian perspective.

We used this penny idea, as a focal point; to show how quickly, and easily, things can be done, when you use a network system; and, our primary goal was, to help individuals who have a difficult time with finances, emotions, God and people; whether it’s in the area of evangelism or simply finding a friend. We hope we have been successful in helping some of you, and pray for God’s grace, and guidance in your lives. For those of you who managed to stay with us, throughout this teaching, but haven’t managed to improve your situation from last year; don’t despair, there is still hope.

It doesn’t matter if you saved your pennies or not; and, finding a friend, or not finding one, wasn’t the issue. What matters most, is your relationship with your Heavenly Father. As for the rest of it, start by talking with your Father God, and asking His advise; and then, listen for the answer. He is the only one who can truly help you, and it is His desire to do that. His Word says to cast your burdens on Him, because He cares for you. On the flip side, you can read over the lessons again and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, make a more concentrated effort to follow the plan. It WILL work, if YOU work it!

One of the things that will help us the most, in choosing the direction we need to go with this Blog, is feedback from our readers. We enjoy the feedback we have received so far and we strongly encourage anyone, and everyone, to try to find the time to read through the entire Blog, a little at a time and leave a comment at the end of each Post you read. The “Leave Comment” access point, at the bottom of the Post, is sometimes difficult for some people to notice; but, if you take the time to look for it (seek), you will find it.

When you click the “Leave Comment” link, you don’t need to write much, but give us your honest opinion or question, and don’t be afraid to leave your e-mail address, it’s perfectly safe, we only use it for our records and for security reasons, it will not be shared with anyone else.

We have, thoroughly, enjoyed sharing our thoughts with you but, as we said, a seed must be planted and allowed to die, in order to make way for a new, and better form. We said, at the start, that this Blog would cover a 30 day challenge and come to an end. So, this Blog was the seed that we planted, and now, it must be allowed to transform and become something new and better; the same as when a person accepts Christ and is changed, the old passes away and a new and better life emerges. It is similar to the transformation (metamorphosis) that takes place when a catterpillar becomes a butterfly.

YOU are a major part of this new phase; without your input, this new Blog won’t have much of a life. We need your input to help nurture the new plant (Blog), so that it can grow and become strong and useful. We would also like, very much, if you would help to name our new Blog. That’s right, whether it be a person, a plant or even an idea, everything needs to have a name; something that we call it, that we will recognize it by.

We haven’t given you a homework assignment, for a while, so now you have one:

1. Name the Blog (what should we title our new Blog session).

2 Nurture the Blog (give us feedback so we know what to discuss).

3. Promote the Blog (invite your friends and acquaintances to come take a look).

4. Educate the Blog (come back regularly, and leave comments – teach the Blog to talk).

We can hardly wait to see what it will look like. What will it’s first words be? Who will it’s friends be? What will we call it? We sure hope a name is chosen soon; because, we really don’t like referring to our new Blog as “IT”.

We feel, very, privileged to have had this opportunity to share our thoughts with all of you. We have learned a lot, and we have a lot more to learn and to teach; and, we believe that, together, we can make this happen. We love you all and we are always here to help, in any way we can. If you are ever in the Lower Mainland area of B.C., we would like to welcome you, to join us, for a great time of fellowship and learning the Word, at our local church; called,” The Loft”.

You can find the address, and any other information you need about “The Loft” at:   http://www.loftministries.org/

Thank you for spending time with us and we’ll catch ya on the flip side.


turn pennies into light.

27 12 2009

Day 29

A large crowd of about 1,500 people, of all ages and backgrounds, had gathered together for an evening of enjoyment and learning. All the doors, of the auditorium, had been closed; the crowd had been instructed to remain still and to not panic, for they were about to have an enlightening experience.
Once everyone was settled, the speaker prompted the ushers to hand every person an unlit candle. Once everyone had a candle, the speaker asked for all the lights to be turned down; until, the only visible light, was the one shining on him. At this point the speaker addressed the crowd and suggested that everyone remain calm, as the final light was extinguished.
At first, you could hear a few gasps and whispers and the gentle cries of babies, in the crowd, being comforted by their parents then, suddenly, a small flame appeared, at the location of the speaker, which was then used, to light his candle. In the moments between the lights going off and the candle being lit, the auditorium was in complete and utter darkness, in fact, it was so dark, you could not see anything, not a glimmer of light, not a reflection, not even your hand in front of your own face.
This darkness, represents the world most people live in. Sin has so completely engulfed the world in darkness, that it is unable to see the Truth. We are blinded to the reality of God, and the real meaning of why Christ Jesus came to Earth, or even, what our purpose is in life. Most people, are even unable to see basic Truths around them.
If you have ever tried to make your way around, even your own home, in the dark, you know, it’s very difficult to do, without bumping into things. If you’ve ever been in a power outage, you probably would have benefited from the use of a flashlight, to help guide your way. Well, in the same way, our speaker used this small candle to shed a bit of light in the mega darkness of this large auditorium. Immediately, there were sighs of relief and a chorus of cheers and applause.
It’s amazing how much difference a small amount of light can make; even though it wasn’t much, if someone wanted to move around, it was a bit easier to find their way. This is what happens when we share the Truth of God’s Love with others. But, at times, such a small amount, may not be sufficient enough to guide a person to where they need to go.
The speaker shared with the group that, we are the Light to the world and that, as we continue to share God’s Love with one another, it doesn’t take long before everyone is able to see clearly and, the fears that, seem to, come along with being in the dark, become dispelled and everyone feels calm and peaceful. The speaker then turned and lit the candle his assistant was holding; then, the two of them, lit the candles of two other platform assistants; and, in turn, the 4 of them lit the candles held by the 4 head ushers.
At this point, there was enough light to fully illuminate the platform, making it easy for everyone to see who was there, but the rest of the auditorium was still in semi-darkness. This is how our world is today; the church has the Light and can easily see the Truth but, unfortunately, many of us fail to share that Light with the world and, therefore, most of the world sits in semi-darkness; aware that Light exists, but unable to walk in that Light themselves and are in need of a flashlight (a guide).
With 8 candles lit, each one of these was used to light a candle held by the 8 floor ushers. We now had 16 candles lit and, each one, went from row to row, lighting the candle of the person at the end of the row; who, in turn, lit the candle of the person next to them; and, before long, every candle in the auditorium was lit, producing so much light that, when the normal lights were turned back on, there was very little difference.
Everyone was so excited, that they were cheering and shouting and clapping and praising God, and no one was sad. Another thing we noticed was, that no one was going around judging anyone’s candle, saying things like it wasn’t bright enough or big enough or it was shaped wrong; and no one was going around trying to blow out other people’s candles because they didn’t burn the same as theirs.
Everyone enjoyed the Light, because no one wanted to be in darkness. Once every candle was lit, and the crowd was happy, the speaker called for the main lights to be turned on; and the people could snuff out the candles, and return them to the ushers for disposal. The speaker, once again, addressed the audience and encouraged them to go about their daily lives, spreading the Light of God’s Love, and to not judge another persons candle, or try putting out a Light they don’t agree with; but, to shine all the brighter themselves, so others will be drawn to their Light.
REMEMBER, It’s not a competition; we are all in this together. The Word tells us that, one plants the seed, and another waters, but it is God who gives the Increase. We can’t do it, and we shouldn’t try to take the credit, but we need to make a way for God to do what He wants, and needs, to do; and that is, to bring all people into His Light, where there is no darkness.
So, open your heart and let the Light of God direct your path; you can shine that Light, and turn those pennies into people or, more precisely, Souls for the Kingdom of God.
For what it’s worth, we have finally made it; we are one day away from the final conclusion to this little mini-series, on what can happen to a penny (or a Soul) after one month (generation). If you’ve enjoyed this series, please let us know, and hang on to your bookmark for the final episode – it’s sure to be a BLOCKBUSTER; and not only that, as we mentioned in the previous chapter, this is not the end, this is just the kickoff; with much, much more to come.
Catch ya on the flip side.




26 12 2009

Day 28

2 days and counting. What are we counting? We are counting days and we are counting pennies and we are also, and more importantly, counting people, or more accurately, souls, for the Kingdom of God. When we started this Blog, we set a mandate for 30 days, to see what we would end up with, by doubling a penny, every day.

To date, we have accumulated, a grand total of 134,217,727 pennies or $1,342,177.27 and we aren’t done yet. On the flip side, this also translates into 134,217,727 souls, that would be won, for the Kingdom of God.

I know there are some of you, reading this, that may be thinking that, all this is only a pipe dream, and that, in reality, it could never happen; but, we are living in a day and age when it, actually, is happening. When the Holy Spirit entered the Apostles, as recorded in the Book of Acts, there were as many as 3,000 souls brought into God’s Kingdom, daily; around the turn of the 20th Century, there were several men and women, known as revivalists, who were winning souls, at the rate of tens of thousands per day, some even converting entire countries.

What brought so many into the Kingdom? People were witnessing the awesome power of God, at work, during the revival meetings; people being healed of every kind of illness, even broken bones; and staying healed, the dead being brought back to life, signs and wonders of all kinds, including financial Blessings, and not just for the moment, but continually, as long as they continued to Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, and used the financial prosperity, they received, to help those in need, and to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can read about these events, along with many others, in a book by Roberts Liardon, entitled, “God’s Generals”.

We are witnessing, today, the same kinds of things, all around the world. God has raised up many men and women of God who are not ashamed of the Gospel and not afraid of man or media or the power of satan; because, Scripture declares, that he is under our feet, and when we resist him, he must flee from us. One such person, who has been featured, recently, in many media presentations, is a German Evangelist, by the name of Reinhard Bonnke.

This man has been holding revival meetings, all over Africa; and, usually, brings in crowds, of a few hundred thousand people and, in fact, has recently, come close to a million people per meeting. The interesting thing is, there are no repeaters, each meeting has new people; we know this because, when he asks for people to come forward to accept Christ, in most cases, practically everyone comes forward and, each conversion is documented, who they are, and where they live, and none are duplicated.

The power of God, is further demonstrated, in the ability to train so many new believers, and keep them on the right path, because they need to raise up men and women from within each group, who have the ability to lead, and can also grasp the most basic concepts quickly, so that they can lead the rest of the people in their area.

One of the most remarkable thing that has made him front page news is that, on at least 2 occasions, it has been recorded, that someone has brought a dead person to one of his meetings, and the person came back to life. The first, was a woman, whose husband died, and it took her 3 days to get him to the meeting and, when she arrived, she was unable to get inside, so she brought him into the basement. Just being close to the anointing of God, that was flowing in the meeting, the man came back to life, and is still alive today. The second one, was recently, after a meeting when Reinhard was getting into the car, a woman brought her dead, 3 year old, son to him. He laid hands on the boy and prayed and got in the car and left; but, as he was leaving, the boy came back to life, and she brought the boy to the evening meeting to witness to Reinhard, and everyone there, about what God had done, and many people believed and were converted.

Whether you choose to believe these stories or not, they are all well documented, and we would be more than willing to provide proof, to anyone who asks (at no charge), simply leave us a note, at the end of this Post, with an e-mail address, and we will be happy to connect you with this info.

(To check out Reinhard Bonnke for yourself, click this link, or copy the following to your browser: http://cfanca.convio.net/site/PageServer?pagename=Q4_2009_sapele

For those of you who are still saying that, this is all fine and well, for all of us Super-Spiritual people, but you are just a regular person and you don’t think you could ever do things like this; we have GOOD NEWS for you, neither are we. Believe it or not, we are just regular people, just like you; and, if you were to talk to people who know us, they would confirm to you that we bleed just like you, we are prone to mistakes, just like you, in every way, we are like you, the only difference is that, we have the Holy Spirit living on the inside and He helps us do things that we could never do by ourselves.

What sets us apart is that, we KNOW we are forgiven, when we confess our screw-ups to God and, we KNOW that He will do ALL these things when we operate in FAITH (simply believing that what the Word says is true, and acting on it, according to His desire).

On our own, we are not capable of any of this, neither are any of these other people, it only becomes possible, when we “Let God Be God”. So, therefore, the owness is on Him to make it happen, all you and me need to do is Believe, without doubting (and He will help you with that too, if you ask Him to).

Well, once again, we have run out of space for this Post, so stay with us, THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING.

There is so much more to come, on the flip side.


Jesus was NEVER poor!

19 12 2009

Day 27

Let’s get something straight. You’ve heard it said that, to live a good Christian life, we need to be poor, because Jesus was poor, and we are to be like Him. I would like to know where people get the idea that Jesus was poor.

We would like to examine what the Bible has to say about it, after all, it is our best source of information on Him. For starters, leaving aside, for the moment, the fact that He came from Heaven, let’s look at His life on Earth. His mother, Mary, was to be the wife of a man named Joseph, a carpenter by trade, and not just any carpenter; he sculpted fine furniture for the elite and, as a self-employed businessman, this was a very profitable venture.

Just like today, travel back then still required money; and, to travel on such a long journey, from Nazareth to Bethlehem, on a moments notice, with a pregnant woman, necessitated having a substantial bankroll; especially, considering there would be no income during this time; and yet, their chosen mode of transport was a donkey, which, in their time, and place, was the best of the best.

Many people claim that they were so poor that, when they got to Bethlehem, they had to resort to staying in a stable. Scripture tells us that, when they arrived, there was no room in the Inn, which tells us, the Inn was their preferred choice; meaning, they obviously could afford it. We would like to interject a story here, that puts this scenario into today’s perspective…

A few years back, the Pastor of the church we were attending, traveled, with his pregnant wife, to a convention in a large city at Christmas time and, had neglected to reserve a suite before leaving. When they arrived, absolutely every hotel, motel, Inn, suite and B&B were booked solid. The Pastor, who, at that time, was still working as a self-employed businessman, making dentures, had enough money that he even offered to pay up to 10 times the going rate to get a room for his pregnant wife; but, was told it would not be right to throw someone out to make room for them, especially, in light of the fact that he was a Pastor, attending a Christian convention, at Christmas; go figure. They, finally, found room in a run down motel, an hour’s drive from the convention centre…

The second point we would like to make, in regards to this “so called” stable is that, in those days, everyone owned animals and, in order to protect the animals from predators, they would build their homes with 2 or more levels, and keep the animals on the ground floor, while the family would occupy the upper rooms, as they called them. So, when Joseph was unable to find suitable lodging at the Inn, they were offered lodging in the home of a local resident but not wishing to impose on the family, Joseph and Mary opted to stay in the lower room. Now, it’s important to understand that, the animals were only in there at night, and this is still part of their home; and, in most cases, there was no floor between the 2 floors; therefore, it was always kept clean. As for the manger, it wasn’t a wooden box, but an area on the floor, where they spread clean straw for the animals to eat. After the animals were done eating, Joseph layed down a blanket; and that would have, actually, been quite comfy.

While we are on the subject of Jesus, as a baby; Scripture is very clear about the arrival of the Magi from the east. They did not show up with the shepherds, but arrived 2 years later, bringing treasures for the new King. Treasure, that included gold, and you can be sure, that they would not have made such a long journey, to bring Him trinkets. It would have been a Kings ransom. For those of you who are not familiar with old eastern customs, it was a common practise, of the leaders of countries, to pay tribute to leaders of surrounding countries, in order to win their favor, so that they would not need to fear invasion; this, also, would allow them to travel through that country, to do their trading, without being attacked.

Scripture tells us that, the astrologers in these countries, foretold the coming of a great King, and that His Kingdom would cover the earth. Therefore, it would be wise for them to pay tribute to this King, as soon as possible. Now, just to make it clear, Scripture does not say, or even imply, that there were 3 Magi (kings) who came to see Him, it only mentioned 3 types of gifts; gold, frankincense and myrrh. Considering what I just told you, it is quite likely that there were many countries represented in this group, most likely a contingent of many allied nations, which could number in the hundreds, or even more, possibly.

They would have brought many gifts to please this new King but only 3 were mentioned because, these 3 served a specific purpose. Gold was always a representation of a King, frankincense was representative of a priest and myrrh was representative of burial. Therefore, these 3 gifts indicated that they were aware that this new King was also a high priest; and, that He would, one day, give His life for His Kingdom and be buried, in a royal tomb; and, the myrrh, would be used, to preserve His body.

As for the incident concerning this group and king Harrod; once again, it was common practice to send messengers ahead, to clear the way with leaders of the nations through which one must travel, so that they would not be seen as an invading army. Let’s take a look at that briefly. This group consisted of several high level dignitaries, bringing a large amount of treasure with them; and, they would be travelling through many countries during this time (which the Bible tells us took them 2 years). Such a contingent would, indeed, become subject to invasion by warring factions and nations with whom they did not have a peace treaty, as well as robbers of all kinds; and, even if they were skilled fighters, it would be highly unlikely that they would have made it, without having armies of their own, to protect them, as they travelled.

Any king, seeing a large army, like this, approaching his borders, would assume it to be an invasion and would mount an attack. This is why messengers were sent ahead to let the  leaders, of the countries they are travelling to, know that they were on a mission of peace and not of war. Leaving all other countries out, for the moment, let’s talk about king Harrod. He was a powerful and cruel and greedy man. If these Magi did not have an army to protect them, there would have been little they could have done to protect themselves from being taken prisoner by Harrod, and slaughtered, leaving all that treasure for him to take for himself.

Knowing all this, it must have been a spectacular sight to see, when they arrived in Nazareth and approached Joseph and Mary and their 2-year-old son, Jesus, to present Him with their gifts. Oh, yeah, in case I forgot to mention it, the Magi did not arrive in Bethlehem, as most believe, because Joseph and Mary only travelled there for the census and, after Jesus and Mary were able to travel, they went back to their home in Nazareth, which is why the Magi had to enquire as to where they could find Him.

They were aware that He would be born in Bethlehem; but, since it took them 2 years to get there, they asked where to find the one born to be “King of the Jews”, assuming everyone in the area would have been aware of His arrival and would know where to find Him. Jumping ahead a bit, after the Magi returned home by an alternate route, Joseph learned, in a dream, that Harrod wanted to kill Jesus; so, he took Mary and Jesus and went to Egypt, for a couple of years, until it was safe to return. This trip, alone, would have been expensive, not to mention the cost of living, all that time, while in a foreign country, plus the return trip.

Moving ahead to Jesus’ adult life; it appears, Joseph must have passed on, and Jesus has taken over the family business. When it was time for Him to start His ministry, He passed the business on to His brother James (James 1:1) and, being a righteous man, He would not leave His mother and siblings destitute (yes, Joseph and Mary had other children); plus, it takes a lot of money to finance a ministry, even back then.

Let’s consider the men He called to join Him; fishermen, tax collectors, etc. All, well-to-do, businessmen, who would never leave their lucrative incomes, unless they knew their needs would be met; and don’t go getting all super-spiritual about it, they still had families to take care of,  not to mention, everyday needs, such as food and shelter and clothing.

REMEMBER, Jesus was a businessman, like His father Joseph; and, He conducted His ministry like a business, in fact, He even had a treasurer, it’s true. In case you’re not aware of the fact, the only time someone, actually, has a treasurer, is when they have a lot of financial transactions taking place and they need someone to look after all that, so they can stay focused on the task at hand; namely, His ministry.

To push the point a little more, His Treasurer, named Judas Iscariot, was a thief. Scripture declares that, he continually stole from the treasury, and no one seemed to notice, which proves there was a lot of money there. Scripture says, Jesus went about doing good, He was always giving money to the poor, in fact, that was one of Judas’ main tasks, to go and give money to someone in need.

Once, when Jesus was preaching, there were 5,000 men, plus women and children, listening to Him. It was getting late, and His Disciples thought they might go to town to buy enough food to feed them all. Although Jesus had other plans, the idea of spending so much, to feed all those people, was never an issue. Can you imagine, feeding several thousand people, if you are poor?

So why does the Bible say, Jesus was made poor, so that we could be rich? Well, when He was crucified on the cross, that was considered a poor mans’ execution; they would never do that to a rich man; so, in that sense, yes, He was made poor, at the end, yet was buried in a rich man’s tomb.

But lets look at the rest of the verse, He was made poor, so we would be made rich; so, whether we are to be like Him (and He was rich), or believe, that this verse actually meant, He really was poor; it would follow, that He meant for us to be rich. In either event, it is abundantly clear, that God wants us to be rich, financially (not to hoard it to ourselves but to use it to help others; see Say – See ; Give – Receive).

Sorry we went a little over our 1,000 word limit, hope you don’t mind, this subject is so involved that we are going to have to continue it in a later post, so until then, keep tallying up your new converts, and your pennies (how many is that now…hmmmm?!).

… catch ya on the flip side.


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11 12 2009

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