Hi there and welcome to our site;

We began this site in April of 2009, with very little idea of what to do, except that we have a desire to interact with as many people as possible and share what’s on our Heart and, hopefully, hear back from many of you, as well.

We do have a theme that we are presenting throughout this Blog, but the content for each post is, and shall remain, in a state of flux (ever changing, yet remaining consistently true to its original nature).

Please, feel FREE to read any post, in any order, but REMEMBER that, since there is a theme, in order to get the most from our Blog, it would be best to start from the very beginning (Our Story) and follow, in order, as they appear in the Index.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to enter and read our Blog; and, encourage you to return, as often as possible; especially, since most people only have time to read 1 or 2 Posts at a time. We will be, continually, adding more and more material, as well as upgrading the appearance, and functionality, of the Blog as we learn how.

We would also REALLY appreciate it, if you would take the time to leave a comment (even a short one) at the end of each Post you read because, this helps improve our readability with the search engines; making it possible for more people to notice us and, enjoy what you have had the pleasure of reading. This holds true, even if you found that you didn’t like something. We are always trying to improve our site and, the best way that we know how to do this is, when our readers give us honest feedback. We do, however, ask that your comments be kind, as well as positive, because children do read our Blog.

REMEMBER, your comments can be related to the content, or structure, of the Blog; even suggestions on how to improve it are welcome. We, also, welcome Prayer requests and Praise reports. One more request we would like to share with you is, that you bookmark this site; and, then Share it with others. Regardless of whether or not you found this site helpful, for you, it may be just the thing someone else needs in order to brighten their day.

We would like to throw in a little nugget here, if we may. Sometimes people find it difficult to Share certain things with others; but, many, if not most, of us, are quite comfortable Sharing things, online, with total strangers, as well as friends and family. Many of those things may be nothing more than a web address and a title; believe it or not, we are all quick to check out anything we find in our email, or FaceBook, or whatever. So, please, Share this site with others and we guarantee that you will be Blessed for it.

Thank you very much and we’ll catch ya on the flip side!



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