Do’s & Don’ts?!

29 09 2009

DAY 20

“What is the value of a penny… or a person?”

When we, as Christians, go out to build the Kingdom of God, all too often, we tend to forget that it was the Love and Grace of God, being shown to us through another believer, that brought us into the Kingdom; we try winning others, by trying to help them clean up their act and come to church, so they can be presented to God. Does anyone else see a problem with that?

“What is Kingdom building”, someone asks? Well, we’ll tell you what it’s not. It’s not a bunch of Do’s & Don’ts. Building God’s Kingdom is not about going around telling everyone what they should and should not do and judging them for choices they make, even when those choices are contrary to the Word of God. That’s right, you read that correctly; the Truth of the matter is, God is more interested in having a relationship with His people than whether or not they are obeying His rules, or even know what the rules are.

We need to realize, it’s not our job to sort and clean; that task belongs to God; after all, He made them, He knows that they are dirty and smelly (metaphorically speaking, of course) and only He knows how to clean them up to make them presentable and ready for helping to build the Kingdom.

When Jesus began His earthly ministry, the first people He recruited were fishermen. Now, these men grew up in the Jewish Faith and knew what was right, because they had been taught the Scriptures as children; but these were rough and tough, rugged men, who didn’t always do what’s right; but, Jesus told them that, from this day forward, they would become fishers of men. The interesting thing to realize here is that, as fishermen, they were well aware of the fact that, when you catch fish, you do not give any consideration to what type of fish end up in your net, you haul them all in, even if some are undesirable; those can be sorted out later. You also do not take the time to clean them; the important thing is to bring in as many as possible, as quickly as possible, and bring them immediately to the marketplace.

We may be stepping out on a limb with this next point but, bear with us because, it’s important that we see the Spirit of God in our efforts; we strongly believe, when we listen to the Holy Spirit and follow His lead, that people will turn to Jesus and be delivered from sin. It has been our policy that, whenever we share Christ with someone, we focus on helping them build a relationship with their Father in Heaven; without, necessarily, connecting them with a church, or any group, or affiliation; in fact, in many cases, we emphasize that it is not necessary for them to even go to church (Until the Holy Spirit leads them to where He wants them).

Now, we know some people may have a problem with that but, remember, this isn’t about us or our group; this is about having a REAL relationship with the One & Only Living God, who holds their eternal destiny in His hands; it’s more important for them to develop that relationship, than to become part of any group (no matter how great that group may be).

In many cases, combining church attendance, with a relationship with God, works out great; but, it has been our experience that, the majority of people on the street are reluctant to enter churches. Some because of bad experiences, or false and misleading information regarding the people that go there, or some activities associated with some churches. There are also people, out there, who are scared to death to enter a church because of the way some “so-called” Christians have treated them; or because of lies they have heard, that God does horrible things to sinners like them.

What we propose, and have reiterated throughout this Blog, is that we ignore what people look like or sound like or even smell like and ignore the things they do (or don’t do) and focus on the fact that, this person is precious in the eyes of the Lord and He has requested an audience with this individual, with the soul intention of forming a long lasting relationship with them; and, we have been given the privilege of presenting His message to them. And the rest is up to Him!

So, here we are, roughly, 3 weeks from the day we started this teaching and what have we accomplished? Well, we’re not sure about you but, we have managed to inspire a number of people with the inspirational Word that God has given us to write. We started this Blog with the concept of what would happen if you were to double a penny every day for a month and, therefore, chose to run the total each time. We, now, have only 10 days left to reach the end of our 30 day challenge.

Now, since our goal is to help people and not to alienate anyone, we have decided to allow our program to grow up, a bit. We have said, all along, that pennies represent people. Therefore, following this Post, all of the numbers used to represent pennies, will only represent people. Look at it in terms of people being brought into the Kingdom of God; and enjoy the Word that God inspires us to share with you. But, to be fair, we will, at the end, need to bring the dollar value back into our lesson, in order to finalize what we started.

Since we brought it up, the amount we are adding today is… $5,242.88, which brings our total to a whopping $10,485.75 which is known as a 5-figure income (not bad for 3 weeks work).

To put that figure in another light (to line it up with our new “grown-up” policy), we would have reached over a million people by now, following this plan; and, if it took 6 months for the average conversion, this would only take 10 years to complete. 10 years may seem like a long time but, amazingly, 10 years can seem to just fly by, when you’re busy doing Kingdom building. Realistically, if there is anyone out there that can claim to have come even close to converting that many souls in the same amount of time, or less, we want to hear from them.

So until next time, enjoy the homework. God Bless and we’ll catch ya on the flip side.





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