12 07 2009


Last time, we introduced this principle and took a look at the first part of this teaching which, basically said, that if you want something, don’t be afraid to ask for it, providing your motives are right.

Today, we will take a look at the second part; which says, SEEK and you will find; for everyone who seeks, will find. Now, once again, we must point out that the first thing to seek for is a relationship with God, your heavenly Father, which can only be done by going through His Son, Jesus Christ, who is accessible through the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one who listens when you pray.

OK, I realize that there is a good possibility that some of you may have mixed emotions about what we just said, and probably may want to throw in the towel and, if you do, we can’t stop you, but you need to understand a few things before you do…

First off, we told you in the beginning that it is our purpose to help people understand God, and have a secure relationship with Him, because He really cares for you, He has plans to prosper you, and not to hurt you, but the only way He can do that is by you having a proper relationship with Him.

God is not out there, waiting for you to make a mistake, so He can clobber you; if that were true, you never would have made it this far. He also is not some distant god that doesn’t care what goes on in your life, quite the contrary. He has been watching over you from the moment of your conception, and He has been calling you, your whole life, trying to get your attention because, He has something very Special for you; but there have been too many distractions and deceptions going on in your life for Him to be able to get through to you.

There are reasons things are the way that they are and, the Bible states, very clearly, what they are. Part of our job is to help you SEEK out the TRUTH but you need to do the seeking because we don’t know how to find you.

Secondly, the reason you started reading this blog is because, you know, that what you’ve been doing isn’t working and, you’re looking for answers. We already told you that the information we are providing for you in this Blog has been proven to work EVERY TIME, providing you follow the guidelines. Now, we are not saying that you need to bow down to a bunch of rules and regulations; it’s religion that demands that. God isn’t like that, He actually loves you just as a parent loves a child who has wandered away or been abducted. Time and distance never changes that love and all the parent wants is to see the child healthy and happy. This is God’s desire for you, but unlike us, He NEVER breaks a promise or leaves you stranded, He always provides what He promises and all it takes is to come to Him, as a child coming Home to a Father they abandoned, and let Him show you The Way.

There are many doors that have already been made open for you and many more that God opens to those who have a personal relationship with Him. The Bible tells us that God opens doors that no man can close and closes doors that no man can open, so we urge you to start seeking out those open doors. Ask God to show you where to find those open doors, He really does want to show you, but don’t get frustrated if at first you don’t succeed.

A baby, learning to walk, will fall a lot but, eventually, they will learn and, in time, they will run. You need to take time, talking to God and, listening to His voice. How do I do that you wonder? Here’s the secret…. He already wrote it down… Where? In the Bible, of course, and this is where you need to SEEK for the answers.

WHAT? Did you think this was going to be easy… No way man… it requires a commitment on your part. Listen. Whether you believe it or not, God is already committed to you but, His hands are virtually tied, at this point, because you are not communicating with Him. That’s right, communicating, which is a 2 way street. You need to talk to God, we call that prayer and we don’t mean you need to talk like Shakespeare, just talk to Him the way you would talk to me, only nicer, LOL.

GOD IS A PERSON. He hears you and He will talk to you in your Spirit or, what we call, your inner being. The problem is that, you have so many voices going on in there right now that, you can’t distinguish one from another. So, how do you tell them apart? I am so glad you asked.

Try this, take a person, whose voice you know and can recognize, and go to a crowded place, with lots of noise and talking going on. Have this person go away from you, a short distance, in the crowd and begin talking to you. It would be best, at this point, if you could not see each other. Then, this person needs to start talking to you, while you start searching the crowd for them. LISTEN for your friends voice, try to pick them out of the crowd. When you recognize your friend’s voice, you WILL turn to them, at which point, they will be able to get closer to you.

You need to get used to how God talks and the kinds of things He says and, in time, you WILL pick out His voice, even in the midst of a raging storm; no problem. As you read and study the Bible, with emphasis on the New Testament, you will get closer to God and, as it is written…

James 4:8 NIV     Come near to God and he will come near to you.

So, just as you were able to get closer to your friend (because you recognized his voice), allowing him to get closer to you, as you learn to understand God’s voice, and get closer to Him, you allow Him to get closer to you. Later, we will discuss how you can help others do this by being a friend.

Catch ya on the flip side, my friend.





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14 07 2009

nice layout but it would make the reading easier to handle and not be as much of a strain on the eyes if you were to add some pictures and/or graphics.

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